Global affiliate suppliers in 2024

“I need quality consultants in every country to support Healy Consultants and our Clients. Global consulting firms are not our competitors, they are our friends. Let us help each other in this dynamic business world as we provide our Clients more complete solutions;”

Aidan Healy, Managing Director

  • How can you help Healy Consultants Clients?

    1. Your firm can assist Healy Consultants incorporate companies in your home country. You can do it faster and cheaper than we can, so my staff will rely on you;
    2. Your firm can assist Healy Consultants open corporate bank accounts in your country. You have better banking relationships in your city than we do, help us find banking solutions;
    3. Your firm can assist our Clients legally minimize country taxation and help us discharge our Clients’ annual accounting, auditing, legal and tax obligations;
    4. Assist our global Clients secure employment visas for their staff and help them locate office premises;
    5. When our Clients visit your country for business, you can guide them and open business doors for them;
    6. Your Firm can provide our Client with virtual office services including local telephone, mail forwarding and fax;
  • How can you help Healy Consultants Group?

    1. If agreeable to your firm, we place your office address on Healy Consultants global offices page. Of course, you can place our Singapore office address on your business website;
    2. Healy Consultants global affiliates page contains your company logo and a link to your business website. Our website receives monthly traffic in excess of 20,000+, so hopefully you get some Clients through our Client website. I would be grateful if your business website can house a link back to Healy Consultants website, helping our Client search engine rankings;
    3. Lets connect to each other through our Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn. Sharing daily and weekly global business strategies;
    4. Share with us some intelligent business strategies for your country, for example how to legally minimize corporation tax. Of course, Healy Consultants will share some of our golden nuggets with you in return;
    5. Follow us on our blog where we share country business strategies each week;
  • How can we help you?

    1. After signing a service agreement, Healy Consultants is happy to advertise your products and services on our business website. Fortunately, we receive monthly traffic of 20,000+, thus a high probability of completing a sale;
    2. If it is really important to you, then Healy Consultants will sign an exclusive agreement with your Firm for your preferred country. We promise not to appoint other local consultants without your written approval;
    3. Healy Consultants can assist your Clients open corporate bank accounts in every country in the world, with or without a local company;
    4. If agreeable to you, Healy Consultants in-house IT department will be happy to review your business website and recommend 20 small improvements re presentation and navigation, free of charge;
    5. Healy Consultants in-house IT department will email you 20 tips to improve your business website Google rankings, free of charge;
    6. Every week, we receive global email inquiries for each country in the world. For those inquiries Healy Consultants will not reply to, we will forward those inquiries to your Firm for your reply;
  • Paying fees to your Firm

    1. After introducing a Client to Healy Consultants, we pay our global partners 10% of the first invoice paid by that Client if the invoice is equal or above US$10,000. For transparency purposes, my staff will inform our Clients of all commissions paid to third parties;
    2. The 10% is calculated on the total amount of the invoice but excludes Government and tax fees (if any);
    3. Healy Consultants is happy to pay our global partners fees for their help significantly increasing traffic to our business website and through our social media channels. Email us some ideas for discussion;
    4. Normally, we pay 50% fees before and after an engagement;
  • What we expect from our affiliates

    1. Our global affiliate partners appoint quality, experienced staff to Healy Consultants engagements;
    2. Our global partners only provide Healy Consultants business solutions, not engagement problems;
    3. Our global partners conduct business with Healy Consultants in an honest, transparent way;
    4. Our global partners will only communicate with Healy Consultants Clients after receiving written permission from our staff. Our partners will never discuss fees with our Clients;
    5. Only after our written permission shall our global affiliates provide business services directly to Healy Consultants Clients;
  • What our affiliates expect from Healy Consultants

    1. If required, Healy Consultants will sign an exclusive agreement with our country consulting firm. We agree not to circumvent this agreement in any way;
    2. To engage bona fide businessmen after completing our high due diligence standards;
    3. Healy Consultants staff to conduct business with honor and integrity while complying with the terms and conditions of our service agreement signed with our affiliate partner;
  • Our business model

    1. For every country in the world, Healy Consultants ranks on the first page of Google. Global Clients email us requesting guidance and help;
    2. Our Client engages Healy Consultants, settles our fees and supplies us the required detailed due diligence information;
    3. Healy Consultants appoints our preferred consultant to efficiently complete the engagement on the ground, communicating daily with Healy Consultants staff. Usually, 50% fees paid up front and 50% paid after engagement completion;
    4. Only, Healy Consultants staff communicate with our Client;
  • How we can start our business relationship

    • Healy Consultants and our new business partner sign a detailed, balanced service agreement. Protecting multiparty interests and outlining business expectations. Click here to view a draft sample agreement;
    • Our global business partner supplies Healy Consultants some due diligence including i) business owners passports ii) certificate of incorporation iii) a copy of the business license certificate iv) details of local Regulator. Of course, Healy Consultants will supply our partner with the same information about Aidan Healy and his Firm;
    • Our Firms exchange social media connections and website links;
    • A global Client engages Healy Consultants and we email your Firm for local support, we agree fees and off we go;
    • Your Firm assists Healy Consultants with banking options in your home country;
    • When Aidan Healy visits your country, he will visit your office for a face to face meeting;
  • How to introduce potential Clients to Healy Consultants

    1. You sign a freelance service agreement with Healy Consultants confirming terms and conditions, confidentiality requirements, our expectations and your expectations;
    2. Email introduce the potential Client to Healy Consultants by sending us a message at;
    3. One of our senior staff will email reply to the potential Client with the intention of formally engaging the Client. For the remainder of the engagement, Healy Consultants will include you in all emails between our Firm and our Client;

Contact us

For additional information on our incorporation services, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Kunal Fabiani, directly:
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