Healy Consultants in 2024

Since 2003, Healy Consultants has assisted multi-national Clients with business set up in over 200 countries.

  • Our professional services

    • Our core services include, but are not limited to:
    • Our philosophy is simple: your success is our success. Remember, your success is a reflection of our ability, product and services, and our professionalism. When the day is done, Healy Consultants wants your corporate structure fully functional, legal, and tax efficient. This is the foundation for building long-term profitable relationship with our Clients. Perhaps this is why almost 60% of our new Clients come to us through referrals.
    • We ensure that all Clients receive the highest standard of professional services available anywhere in the world, and that these services are provided on a prompt and personalised basis. This is the case whether the Client is an individual, a partnership, a family-owned business, or a multi-national corporation.
  • Global business set up expertise

    • The geographical breadth of our experience. Since 2003, we have registered companies in almost 200 different countries on every continent. That is a lot of experience and know-how. A lot of challenges faced, and overcome. This is why we can supply meaningful country comparisons to our Clients like no other firm can.
    • In all countries, we enjoy quality professional relationships not only with our multinational Clients, but also with banks, governments, lawyers and accountants. These relationships are maintained by our talented Client Relationship Project Managers and Accounting & Tax experts.
    • We take on difficult engagements that no one else can handle, and we never give up until we complete the engagement goals. Who else can simultaneously project manage multiple country engagements and complex engagements?
    • We open corporate bank accounts in almost every country, without our Client needing to travel to meet the bank.
    • We provide a one-stop, high quality business set up service including legal, accounting, banking, immigration, recruitment, marketing, etc. that is unmatched by our competitors!
    • We are passionate about international taxation and we enjoy engineering simple corporate structures to legally minimise taxation in every country. We love negotiating with tax authorities.
    • We only provide our Clients with solutions, not problems. Or your money back!
    • We have a large inventory of ready-made shelf companies with bank accounts in most countries. We are, therefore, the world’s fastest business set up expert.
    • We are transparent. At the beginning of each engagement, we agree engagement fees and deliverables dates with our Clients so there are no hidden surprises.
    • We have the highest standards of Client communication. For example, we supply our Clients with detailed weekly engagement status updates. Our multi-cultural staff speak every major world language, ensuring quality, seamless communication. Read more about our communication protocols here.
    • Our business website is a comprehensive resource on how to set up a business in every country in the world. This enables our Clients to make better, more informed decisions.
    • We are grateful to have a global business network which is also a great resource for our Clients.
  • Our mission and values

    mission and visionTo ensure Healy Consultants Group consistently conducts our global business in a professional, ethical manner, we set out below our corporate mission statement, together with the values we adopt in our daily business:

    1. Our mission statements
      • To be the world’s preferred corporate service provider, excel at what we do, problem solving for our Clients.
      • To be a profitable business with annual sales of US$50 million, with 10 distinct businesses lines, employing 150 staff of all nationalities and languages.
      • To be surrounded by fantastic Clients located in every country in the world.
      • To have affiliate offices in every country in the world.
      • To be a firm that attracts talented employees wishing to work for and develop their careers. To make the office a place our staff look forward to coming to in the morning.
      • To conduct our business with openness, transparency, and honesty. To respect and uphold our Clients’ confidentiality needs.
      • To continue to choose Clients who match our profile, ambitions, and values.
      • The high professional standards set by our employees, and valued by our Clients, are enshrined in our service guarantee.
      • To achieve our corporate mission objectives, Healy Consultants infuses the following operational values and strategies into our daily operations:
        Corporate values What this means
        Fairness Terms and conditions are agreed upfront and adhered to. Rules are clear, and there are no exceptions to the rules.
        At Healy Consultants, everybody is treated the same. There is no special treatment for some staff or for some Clients.
        We encourage our staff to voice their opinions openly and freely.
        Integrity We pride ourselves on having no hidden agendas, and being open and transparent to staff, our Clients, and our suppliers.
        Being open and up front about who we are, how we work, what our clients can expect of us, and what we expect of our Clients. This helps minimize unwanted surprises and sets out expectations for all parties.
        We are open and transparent about our fees before an engagement starts. Our policy is to quote all fees up front, so our Client is 100% clear on costs at all times, thus making strategic decisions easier.
        Being open and transparent during and after an engagement. Healy Consultants acts as the legal company secretary and nominee director/shareholder for the vast majority of our Clients. With this legal role comes great responsibility and trust. Our business depends on our Clients and we would be foolish to do anything which would jeopardize our relationship with them.
        We trust ourselves to do the right thing when it comes to decision making for our Clients.
        Partnership Ensuring our firm's doors are always open for our Clients, to foster trust and a feeling of partnership.
        Our staff feel they are valuable.
        We recognise and respect the differences in our people and respect they have different ways of doing things.
        Make decisions/empowerment We empower our staff to decide on a responsible, professional course of action to be taken.
        In return, Clients trust our staff to make the right decisions.
        Our staff are not micromanaged.
        Our capabilities are recognised, and we reward responsibility.
        High standards/professionalism We are professional in how the business looks and what we do. This includes the website, email formats, the way we communicate with Clients, and our image.
        Minimising inconvenience to our Clients. During the course of most engagements we come up against administrative obstacles and tax and accounting problems. Our work is geared towards providing creative, legal workaround solutions to challenges.
        Communication We aim to constantly communicate with our Clients, providing daily email status updates. In summary, ensuring our Client does not need to pick up the phone to check on the status of an engagement.
        We make it easy for Clients and potential Clients to contact us. All of our group websites contain clear telephone numbers and a messaging function where you can speak directly to a senior executive of the company, not a menu of options, to get the vital information you need quickly. We do not believe in impersonal email contact forms.
        Proud of where we work We aim to achieve the values of the organisation.
        When we meet with friends we are proud of where we work, our job role, what we give to the business, and the business brand.
        Every morning and every Sunday evening, we look forward to going to work. We do not dread the day ahead.
        Safe place for employees Employees can come and work here and have a place of self development.
        People are recognised for making a difference. Staff feel important to the organisation.
        People are rewarded for their contribution to the organisation and know what the rewards will be based on.
        Ensuring that our staff have lives outside the office, outside the corporate culture. We encourage staff to play sport, socialise, and spend time with their families, so they are refreshed when they come in to work.
        Unconventional Taking an unconventional approach to our business and our Clients to differentiate ourselves from the crowd. We are not scared to recommend bold alternative strategies to our Clients if we feel they may be of benefit and are a professional, legal solution. Many of our existing Clients comment that they appreciate this entrepreneurial spirit, surprising our Clients with the 'wow' factor. We are good at what we do and we feel proud to showcase our capabilities to our Clients as we complete their engagements smoothly and efficiently with minimal disruption to their businesses and lives. We like to think that in every engagement we are able to surpass our Client's expectations.
        The company is progressive and growing in the right ways. The company is forging new grounds.

  • Our Clients

    • Fortunately, Healy Consultants is surrounded by great Clients from all walks of life and business sector, and we’ve made some great friends over the years. Frequently, we introduce our Clients to each other, which results in interesting business deals coming to fruition. For example, one Client becomes a supplier or customer of another, or one Client provides finance to another and so on.
    • Our Clients range from entrepreneurs to start-ups to SMEs to multinational corporations to listed companies on the Stock Exchanges. They are demanding, discerning and sophisticated. Our vast experience and global reach results in a unique market awareness which serves them well.
    • Healy Consultants establishes what our Client wants to do and why, then we engineer legal, tailored solutions.
    • We receive a high quantity of due diligence from each Client. Consequently, we attract high quality Clients and maintain strong relationships with banks.
    • We aim to efficiently and effectively complete every engagement i) without our Client travelling and ii) with our Client sending just one courier with information to us.
    • Our talented, solutions-orientated staff never give up until we complete the engagement, regardless of the complexities or obstacles presented by banks and governments.
    • Our Client is immediately informed of engagement problems, along with a solution.
    • Your dedicated engagement manager is reachable by phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Teams, FaceTime, live chat, and email, and will communicate in your preferred language.
    • Our in-house client relationship managers, lawyers and accountants speak many languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia, French and Spanish.
    • Healy Consultants keeps our Clients up to date about current affairs, legislations and changes in international jurisdictions that may relate to their engagement with us.
    • We answer all Client emails within six hours.
    • We offer a free call back to all new Clients.
    • All engagement fees are agreed and paid up front. Consequently, there are no hidden fees or surprises or ambushes during the engagement.
    • All engagement deadlines are agreed up front in the form of a detailed project plan, mapping out deliverables by week throughout the engagement term.
    • Once a week during the term of the engagement, we email our Client a detailed engagement status update;
    • Healy Consultants is consistent, reliable, honest, and transparent. Ask our Clients! All our engagement fees and deadlines are published on our business website.
    • We wish to efficiently, effectively, and peacefully complete each engagement. Consequently, we do what we say, and say what we do. All engagement fees and deadlines are agreed upfront;
    • In these uncertain economic times, we are grateful for new Clients and we appreciate the loyalty of existing Clients;
  • Our chairman

    Managing Director Healy Consultants

    Aidan Healy
    Healy Consultants

    Our founder and chairman, Aidan Healy, has more than 25 years of international business experience in Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. Aidan is a Chartered Accountant from Ireland who currently lives in Singapore. Aidan previously worked with Credit Suisse Group and Ernst & Young. Read more about Aidan and his business journey here.

  • Our management team

    Our management team is hand picked for its talent, knowledge, experience and adherence to Healy Consultants’ values and service philosophy. Our CEOs, department directors, and senior client engagement and accounting and tax personnel are based across our global offices network to serve Clients and colleagues wherever they are. Meet our other key personnel

  • Our offices

    Healy Consultants operates fully-fledged offices in Singapore (headquarters) and Dubai. We also have a network of preferred global affiliates.

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For additional information on our global business services, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Simon Guidecoq, directly:
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