Mission and values

To ensure Healy Consultants Group consistently conducts our global business in a professional, ethical manner, we set out below our corporate mission statement, together with the values we adopt in our daily business:

Corporate mission statement

mission and vision

  1. To be the world’s preferred corporate service provider, being the best at what we do, problem solving for our Clients;
  2. To be a profitable business with annual sales of US$50 million, with 10 distinct businesses lines, employing 50 staff;
  3. To be surrounded by fantastic Clients located in every country in the world;
  4. To have affiliate offices in every country in the world;
  5. To list on the Singapore Stock Exchange by 2020;
  6. To be a firm that attracts talented employees wishing to work for and develop their careers. To make the office a place our staff look forward to coming to in the morning;
  7. To conduct our business with openness, transparency, and honesty. To respect and uphold our Clients’ confidentiality needs;
  8. To continue to choose Clients who match our profile, ambitions, and values;

To achieve our corporate mission objectives, Healy Consultants infuses the following operational values and strategies into our daily operations:

Corporate values

ValuesWhat this means
FairnessTerms and conditions are agreed upfront and adhered to. Rules are clear, and there are no exceptions to the rules;
At Healy Consultants, everybody is treated the same. There is no special treatment for some staff or for some Clients;
We encourage our staff to voice their opinions openly and freely.
IntegrityWe pride ourselves on having no hidden agendas, and being open and transparent to staff, our Clients, and our suppliers;
Being open and up front about who we are, how we work, what our clients can expect of us, and what we expect of our Clients. This helps minimize unwanted surprises and sets out expectations for all parties;
We are open and transparent about our fees before an engagement starts. Our policy is to quote all fees up front, so our Client is 100% clear on costs at all times, thus making strategic decisions easier;
Being open and transparent during and after an engagement. Healy Consultants acts as the legal company secretary and nominee director/shareholder for the vast majority of our Clients. With this legal role comes great responsibility and trust. Our business depends on our Clients and we would be foolish to do anything which would jeopardize our relationship with them;
We trust ourselves to do the right thing when it comes to decision making for our Clients.
PartnershipEnsuring our firm's doors are always open for our Clients, to foster trust and a feeling of partnership;
Our staff feel they are valuable;
We recognise and respect the differences in our people and respect they have different ways of doing things.
Make decisions/empowermentWe empower our staff to decide on a responsible, professional course of action to be taken;
In return, Clients trust our staff to make the right decisions;
Our staff are not micromanaged;
Our capabilities are recognised, and we reward responsibility.
High standards/professionalismWe are professional in how the business looks and what we do. This includes the website, email formats, the way we communicate with Clients, and our image;
Minimising inconvenience to our Clients. During the course of most engagements we come up against administrative obstacles and tax and accounting problems. Our work is geared towards providing creative, legal workaround solutions to challenges;
CommunicationWe aim to constantly communicate with our Clients, providing daily email status updates. In summary, ensuring our Client does not need to pick up the phone to check on the status of an engagement;
We make it easy for Clients and potential Clients to contact us. All of our group websites contain clear telephone numbers and a messaging function where you can speak directly to a senior executive of the company, not a menu of options, to get the vital information you need quickly. We do not believe in impersonal email contact forms;
Proud of where we workWe aim to achieve the values of the organisation;
When we meet with friends we are proud of where we work, our job role, what we give to the business, and the business brand;
Every morning and every Sunday evening, we look forward to going to work. We do not dread the day ahead.
Safe haven for employeesEmployees can come and work here and have a place of self development;
People are recognised for making a difference. Staff feel important to the organisation;
People are rewarded for their contribution to the organisation and know what the rewards will be based on;
Ensuring that our staff have lives outside the office, outside the corporate culture. We encourage staff to play sport, socialise, and spend time with their families, so they are refreshed when they come in to work;
UnconventionalTaking an unconventional approach to our business and our Clients to differentiate ourselves from the crowd. We are not scared to recommend bold alternative strategies to our Clients if we feel they may be of benefit and are a professional, legal solution. Many of our existing Clients comment that they appreciate this entrepreneurial spirit, surprising our Clients with the 'wow' factor. We are good at what we do and we feel proud to showcase our capabilities to our Clients as we complete their engagements smoothly and efficiently with minimal disruption to their businesses and lives. We like to think that in every engagement we are able to surpass our Client's expectations.
The company is progressive and growing in the right ways. The company is forging new grounds.

It is important our Clients’ are aware of their personal and corporate tax obligations in their country of residence and domicile; and they will fulfill those obligations annually. Let us know if you need Healy Consultants’ help to clarify your annual reporting obligations.

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