Complex Client engagements

Since 2003, Healy Consultants Group PLC helps our Clients’ complete complex engagements. We provide simple, practical low cost solutions. Examples of complex engagements we completed include:

  1. Setting up a hedge fund in Singapore;
  2. Reorganising our Clients’ global Group structure to legally minimise global taxation;
  3. Setting up a new business in Saudi Arabia for our UK Client;
  4. Opening a corporate bank account in Georgia for an Irish LLC;
  5. Supplying our USA Client with an Argentina turnkey solution;
  6. Securing withholding tax refunds in Canada;
  7. Establishing a business in Zimbabwe for our European Client;
  8. Helping our Singapore Client list on the Australia stock exchange;
  9. Opening subsidiaries in Central Asian countries including Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan;
  10. Assist our USA Client with a “qualifying dividends” (click link) strategy;
  11. Incorporating wholly foreign owned companies in all Middle East countries;
  12. Assisting Client setup business and secure government permits for offering money remittance services to Australian residents;
  13. Assisting our Client to select the optimal Asian industrial park for the setup of a powder coatings factory;
  14. Liechtenstein Foundation registration for our Australian Client;
  15. Oman business set up for our USA listed Client;
  16. Raise corporate finance for our German Client;
  17. Brazil business set up for our Chinese large cap Client;
  18. Purchasing a bank on behalf of our Spanish Client;
  19. Japan business set up for our French Client;
  20. Purchase Moscow real estate for our Mexican Client;
  21. Registering a Saudi Arabia national LLC for our EU client;
  22. Iran company set up for our Japanese client;
  23. Purchasing a UAE Free zone entity for our USA Client;
  24. Dubai company set up for our USA listed client;
  25. 100% foreign owned Thai FZ entity for our Canadian Client.

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