Healy Consultants’ client profile in 2024

Healy Consultants’ Clients comprise all nationalities, from all industries, with different career experiences. Yet Healy Consultants’ Clients display similar characteristics. The typical profile of Healy Consultants’ Clients:

  1. Our Clients are typically high net worth business people or multi-national companies; who engage Healy Consultants to assist them set up subsidiaries in every country in the world;
  2. Our Clients only entertain solutions, not problems. They reward efficiency and expect timely results with minimal inconvenience. Our Clients expect Healy Consultants to be creative, solve problems, present solutions, think of all the angles. They expect and value a ‘can do’ attitude from us;
  3. Our Clients value clear, concise, transparent communication. They demand and expect regular email and phone updates dealing with engagement progress, problems, solutions and results;
  4. Our Clients usually focus on the big picture and expect Healy Consultants to focus on the detail. Our Clients expect us to get the job done in the fastest time possible;
  5. Service quality is more important to our Clients than engagement fees. Fees are not a hurdle to achieving their business goals. Our Clients are used to receiving top quality service, and they are prepared to pay a premium to those who add value to their businesses;
  6. Our Clients are ambitious decision makers, and approach Healy Consultants to help them achieve their global business objectives. They are internationalists, well-traveled and conduct business in many countries simultaneously. Our Clients have a global business outlook and respect and flourish in different business environments;
  7. Image and reputation is paramount to our Clients. For example, multi-national companies and successful entrepreneurs do not feel comfortable incorporating offshore companies in tax neutral jurisdictions, nor opening bank accounts in the Caribbean.

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For additional information on our company formation services, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Aidan Healy, directly:
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