International migration in 2024

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Since 2003, Healy Consultants Group assists our Clients with migration to and from countries around the world. Our experienced team will agree with our Client the optimum migration strategy, including selecting the best visa, such as i) work permits, ii) business visas, iii) dependents visas, iv) investor visas, v) golden visas and vi) digital nomad visas.

  • Our international migration services

    In addition to helping our Client select the best visa for their needs, our team will also:

    • Prepare a detailed comparison of suitable and attractive migration locations based on our Client’s requirements and criteria.
    • Prepare quality migration applications to submit to governments and immigration authorities.
    • Submit complete applications and following up with the government and immigration departments.
    • Handle subsequent appeals to government authorities, should a visa application be declined.
    • Assist our Client find residential and commercial property for rental or purchase in the migration country.
    • Assist our Client to i) open a local bank account, ii) source quality medical insurance cover, iii) identify quality schools and iv) rent or buy a car.
    • Liaise with local lawyers to handle legal formalities relating to property purchase etc.
    • Complete formalities and paperwork without our Client needing to visit the country they are planning to migrate to.
    • Healy Consultants Group also offers migration and relocation services to help Clients to settle in more quickly upon arrival in the country. Examples of our assistance include i) explaining the social and cultural norms and ii) explaining business etiquette, dress codes and cultural values.
    • Other support services we offer include i) company incorporation in any country in the world, ii) securing an office lease agreement or virtual office and iii) assistance with personal and corporate banking prior to arrival in the country.
    • Popular countries/regions for international migration include i) Singapore, ii) Hong Kong, iii) Malaysia, iv) Australia, v) Europe, vi) United States of America, vii) Canada and viii) Brunei.
  • Company migration

    • Healy Consultants Group assists multinational Clients legally migrate their entities from one jurisdiction to another, while maintaining the same multicurrency corporate bank account.
    • Popular jurisdictions that welcome entity re-domiciliation from other countries include i) Singapore, ii) Ireland, iii) Delaware and iv) the UAE.
    • Entity re-domiciliation or migration is similar to moving a house to a new neighbourhood. Everything remains the same, except the entity has a new city centre business address in a new country.
    • Read more about our company re-domiciliation services here.
  • Golden Visa programs

    • Several countries offer so-called Golden Visa programs, offering individuals the opportunity to secure residency and eventually even citizenship in return for investment. Examples of countries offering golden visas include i) Greece, ii) Portugal, iii) El Salvador (for individuals investing Bitcoin in the country) and iv) Caribbean countries including Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis and Dominica.
    • Obtaining residency through investment is a viable and cost effective route to EU citizenship for non-EU nationals.
    • Examples of Golden Visa eligibility criteria include:
      • Investment in i) land, ii) off-plan developments and iii) new or resale properties.
      • Minimum investment thresholds vary but can be as little as US$300,000.
      • Foreign individuals and companies can invest in the property, but the visa applicant must own 100% of the shares if the investment is made by the company.
      • The investor does not normally need to spend time in, or be tax-resident, in the country in which they invest.
  • Digital nomad schemes

    • The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted traditional migration flows and changed the way business is done (for example, e-commerce) and has accelerated the trend towards remote working.
    • In response, several countries are looking to attract remote workers with so-called digital nomad visas. These countries include i) Estonia, ii) Portugal, iii) Bali and iv) Thailand.
    • Examples of criteria required to secure a digital nomad visa include:
      • Proof of Client contracts confirming that remote work is possible.
      • Proof of monthly income from previous six months (the minimum threshold will vary from country to country).
      • Sufficient funds in bank account.
      • Evidence of a health insurance policy has been paid for.
      • Proof of accommodation (typically one year).
    • The digital nomad space is moving quickly, with more countries jumping on the bandwagon. Healy Consultants Group can assist Clients to choose the best option for them, and fast migrate to a new country for remote work purposes.
  • Second passport schemes

    • Some of our multinational Clients request our assistance to secure a second passport, for example to i) avail of visa-free travel, ii) secure the legal right to reside in another country, iii) for retirement planning purposes and iv) escape from a conflict zone or politically-unstable country.
    • Healy Consultants Group will handle the second passport application from A to Z.
    • Read more about our second passport services here.
  • Fees

    • Average visa fees start from US$2,950 to US$4,950 depending on the country and the type of visa. Contact us for details.
  • Other considerations

    • Clients should note that the power of approval for all visa applications is out of Healy Consultants Group’s control. What is in our control is the preparation of a quality application to be submitted to the government and/or immigration authorities.

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