Second passport option in 2021

Since 2003, Healy Consultants Group PLC has been assisting citizens from around the world to obtain a second passport.

  • Second passport options?

    OptionsSouth AmericaSouth AmericaSouthern EuropeSouthern EuropeVanuatuCarribeanCentral AmericaAsia Pacific
    Type of documentPassportPassportPassportPassportPassportPassportTravel documentPassport
    How long to get4 years4 years3 months4 months2 months4 months2 months2 months
    Must travel there for1 week1 week4 days5 daysNot required4 days4 days5 days
    Investment required for the main applicant (estimate)US$5,000US$6,000US$889,000€2.5millionUS$5,000US$132,000US$350,000US$260,000
    Form of Investment:Deposit the funds in the personal bank accountDeposit the funds in the personal bank accountContribution to National Development FundInvestment in a single luxury property or multiple real estate plus €500k for permanent residenceContribution to VanuatuFinancial contribution to country (non-refundable)Fixed deposit bank a/c for 5 years at 3% per annumInvestment in Government bonds or Reserve Bank for at least 7 years
    Government fees estimateUS$50,000US$50,000US$35,000€30,000US$125,000US$100,000US$20,000US$25,000
    Healy Consultants feesUS$20,000US$20,000US$15,000€15,000US$15,000US$15,000US$15,000US$15,000
    Third party feesUS$5,000US$20,000US$120,000€80,000US$5,000US$5,000US$5,000US$15,000
    Dual Nationality AllowedYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
    Need to reside in the countryNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
    Visa free travel countries1121181601511256610080
    Country attractiveness videoView videoView videoView videoView videoView videoView videoView video

    Note: Apart from the above-mentioned countries, countries like Hungary, St. Kitts and Nevis, Venezuela, Cambodia, Cyprus and Mexico offer a second passport option. See below for more information.

  • Why obtain a second passport?

    • Visa-free travel to many European countries;
    • To conceal nationality for safety reasons;
    • To secure the legal right to reside in another country;
    • Easier crossings of international borders when a primary passport is lost or stolen;
    • To secure a second citizenship and peacefully retire;
    • If your country is politically unstable;
    • To enjoy tax benefits offers by dual citizenship;
    • For changing the permanent residency or county of domicile.
  • What documents are required?

    To ensure your second passport application process is smooth, Healy Consultants Group PLC requires the following:

    • Signed Healy Consultants Group PLC service agreement;
    • Passport copy;
    • Proof of address (e g utility bill);
    • Proof of our Client’s business (e g website, brochure, sample contract/invoice etc.);
    • Reference letters from lawyer, accountant and banker.

    The above-mentioned documents are general requirements. However, the list may vary from one jurisdiction to another.

  • Second passport supporting services

    In addition to handling the second passport application, our teams also offer:

    • Personal banking;
    • Corporate credit card solution;
    • Business registration services;
    • Sourcing suitable real estate for purchase;
    • Project-managing government KYC checks;
    • Secure corporate bank account opening;
    • Virtual office in each country.
  • Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

    1. This second passport option is one of the most popular choices among our international Clients. The government will typically approve applications within 90 days of submission. Prior to submitting a quality application, Healy Consultants Group PLC will require our Clients to go through detailed background checks to optimise the probability of approval;
    2. A Grenada second passport allows holders to travel to at least 140 countries visa-free. In addition, family members and spouses can apply without large additional cost;
    3. The minimum investment for Grenada citizenship is US$150,000 for a single applicant and US$200,000 for a family of four. In the event your application exceeds four applicants, additional fees apply;
    4. Alternatively, you may invest in real estate valued at at least US$220,000. This does not include government fees, due diligence fees or processing fees.
  • St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program

    1. A second passport from St. Kitts & Nevis can be processed in as little as 60 days. Healy Consultants Group PLC will secure your second passport without the need to travel;
    2. You are not required to give up your current passport;
    3. A St. Kitts & Nevis passport holders can travel visa-free to at least 140 countries, including European and Commonwealth countries;
    4. The minimum investment is US$150,000 for a single applicant. Alternatively, applicants can purchase real estate worth at least US$400,000 prior to the passport application. These fees do not include government, due diligence or processing fees.
  • Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

    1. Dominica Citizenship by Investment grants holders lifetime citizenship. On average, the second passport application is approved within four months. Healy Consultants Group PLC will assist our Clients to submit a quality application and secure the second passport without needing to travel to Dominica;
    2. Once approved, holders of a Dominica passport can travel visa-free to at least 135 countries;
    3. The minimum criteria is a non-refundable investment of US$100,000 for a single applicant, or real estate worth at least US$200,000.

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