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Managing Director Healy Consultants

Aidan Healy
Healy Consultants

  • I am the Chairman and sole business owner of Healy Consultants Group PLC;
  • I am an Irish Chartered accountant, living overseas since 1998;
  • I set up Healy Consultants Group PLC in 2003 and enjoyed working with multi-national Clients from every country in the world;
  • Fortunately, my Firm is enjoying another successful business year, gratefully serving multi-national Clients, engineering exciting and challenging business set ups in every country on the planet;
  • Since January 2018, I have semi-retired to South of France. I rely on my CEOs to quality manage the Healy Consultants Group PLC global business;
My business goals
  • Healy Consultants Group PLC to remain the best in the world at business set up in every country on the planet; and
  • To be on Google page 1 for business set up in every country on the planet;
  • To have the most transparent informative business web site in my industry;
  • To retire, while my staff independently manage Healy Consultants Group PLC, maintaining the same professional values and standards that I did since 2003;
  • To continue to be the preferred choice of global small, medium and large companies handling the A to Z (click link) of international business set up;
  • To be the go-to Firm for international Accounting and Legal Firms;
  • To advise international Governments and help their country i) streamline business set up procedures and ii) to simplify the tax code to encourage business set up and iii) promote Government incentives to multi-national companies registering a subsidiary in the country;
  • To become an expert on French and USA tax and company law;
My daily work schedule
  • Country research re accounting and tax and legal and banking;
  • Advising multi-national Clients re French and USA business set up;
  • Optimizing the quality of Healy Consultants Group PLC business web site;
  • Business development including i) strategies to optimize customer service and ii) new products and services including crypto-currency and financial services solutions and iii) strategies to minimize staff turnover and maximize job satisfaction and iv) increasing brand awareness;
The most interesting work I ever didA month-long detailed critical review of a loss-making group in Bahrain in 1999. Created a detailed report outlining strategies to return the companies to profitability. The report was rejected by the CFO, but I loved every minute of the engagement.
The most rewarding work I ever didMy Firm assisted an Iraqi family migrate to Singapore in 2004. Setting up their Singaporean business, obtaining residence visas and securing Singapore government approval to broadcast an Arabic cartoon network back into Iraq.
PastimesFamily, boxing, golf, yoga and Pilates, reading and farming
Business styleDirect and decisive. Honest and transparent and independent and neutral. Creative and solution oriented. High personal and professional standards.
Role modelsMuhammad Ali and Richard Branson
Past work experience
  1. Credit Suisse Group Singapore
  2. Ernst & Young Bahrain
  3. McGrath & Co Dublin

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