Corporate advisory services

outsource business operation Outsourcing business needs can be an effective way for organisations to improve efficiency within their organisation. Healy Consultants provides a range of corporate services to assist entrepreneurs successfully achieve their company objectives. Services that your organisation can outsource to Healy Consultants include:

  • International trading services

    Healy Consultants assists Clients enhance their global trading strategies with a range of support services including e-commerce and virtual offices.

  • International corporate bank accounts

    Healy Consultants assists our Clients to open an international corporate bank account to support our company registration services.
  • International banking

    International banking is an effective tool for global business operations. Offshore banking allows organisations, or individuals, to conduct financial transactions outside the country they reside in, or the country their company is incorporated in.
  • Virtual office

    In the country of your choosing, Healy Consultants can establish:

    • A business office address to support your international business;
    • Provide mail collection and mail forwarding services;
    • Provide your firm with a corporate email address and business website;
    • Provide your firm with a telephone and fax number;

    Click to learn more about our virtual office services.

  • Company secretary

    Healy Consultants will act as the named company secretary for your company. Our responsibilities will include:

    • Maintaining statutory books;
    • Preparing minutes of directors’ and shareholders’ meeting;
    • Preparing and filing legal forms with the Registry of Companies (e g, share transfer forms);
    • Advising on upcoming tax and accounting deadlines;
    • Mediating disputes between shareholders and directors.

    Click to learn more about our company secretary services.

  • Mergers & acquisitions services

    • Merger and Acquisition activity, an effective means for achieving financial goals, is a complex process demanding considerable knowledge and proficiency to ensure success. Healy Consultants prides itself on delivering strategically focused global, regional and localised product expertise, targeted toward minimizing risk and maximizing client returns.
    • Healy Consultants’ areas of expertise in M&A and Restructuring services include: i) M&A strategy/acquisition scouting ii) appraisal iii) due diligence iv) deal structuring v) sales and capital raising vi) transaction execution and merger integration, vii) tax and accounting structuring, viii) corporate restructuring/reorganization and ix) post-transaction considerations.
  • Local sponsor services

    In most countries in the Middle East, it is a legal requirement to appoint a local citizen to act as the majority shareholder of the company.

  • Wealth management services

    Healy Consultants’ wealth management services are tailored for high net worth individuals who wish to maximize and enhance assets. Click to learn more about our wealth management services.

  • Accounting

    Healy Consultants has a complete in-house accounting department which prepares accounts using a highly sophisticated combination of spreadsheets and accounting software packages. Click to learn more about our accounting services.

  • Website development and SEO services

    As well as providing a smooth incorporation process, Healy Consultants’ cutting edge marketing services will provide vital impetus during the early phases of your business development and growth. Click to learn more about our website development and SEO services.

  • IT support services

    IT is such an integral part of any company’s operation. It can mean the difference between success and failure. Devising a comprehensive IT strategy to support your business is therefore crucial, whether designing and developing a business website, conducting e-marketing campaigns, or having backup plans in place should your system fails.

  • Listing on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX)

    There are several key advantages with listing on any stock exchange. These include:

    • An enhanced corporate image;
    • The issue of new shares to finance acquisitions;
    • Additional capital resources;
    • And is a cheaper source of financing;

    Click to learn more about our stock exchange listing services.

  • Company deregistration services

    Let us assist you to deregister, wind down, or formally liquidate your company. Click to learn more about our company deregistration services.

  • Trademark registration

    Healy Consultants assists our Clients in trademark registration to support our company registration services. Click here to read more.

  • International mortgages

    Healy Consultants has helped many Clients obtain highly competitive mortgages from Singapore banks for their properties around the world. With significantly lower interest rates and simple procedures, Singapore mortgages are a viable, cost-effective, and convenient alternative to rival mortgages in locations such as Australia, Canada, the US, and Europe. Arranging an overseas mortgage can have many pitfalls. But Healy Consultants’ team of experts makes a Singapore mortgage easy to arrange and hassle-free to complete.

  • Human resources

    Healy Consultants will manage the recruitment of key staff for your business, providing a comprehensive human resources advice and consultancy service as part of its business startup packages.

  • Advisory and consulting services

    Healy Consultants provides advisory and consulting services, including due diligence, internal audit, and corporate finance. Click to learn more about our advisory and consulting services.

  • Other services

    Healy Consultants is happy to discuss additional service requirements our Clients have and we are willing to tailor our products and services to accommodate your request. Please contact us to discuss specific requirements you have.

  • Electronic Signature

    To optimize engagement efficiency, Clients may sign some documentation electronically and email return to Healy Consultants, eliminating the need for couriers. Follow this link to see a guideline of how to place a signature on a PDF document and a word document.

  • Employee payroll

    • As your business increases in size, employee payrolls can become a hassle and complicating. Instead of hiring a full time employee to handle the administrative burden, why not outsource the task to Healy Consultants experts;
    • Healy Consultants will efficiently and effectively complete monthly payroll obligations including i) salary and pension calculations ii) keeping accurate records iii) paying withholding taxes iv) before tax deductions (health care, insurance) and v) setting up a direct deposit.
  • Monthly bookkeeping and accounting

    • Healy Consultants monthly bookkeeping services is done by professional accountants. With our area knowledge, we can save our Clients time and money when dealing with monthly financial requirements;
    • Healy Consultants will manage i) accounting planning and setup ii) monthly bookkeeping, iii) auditing, tax planning iv) accounts receivable services v) accounts payable services vi) bank account transactions management;
    • At Healy Consultants, we understand that every Client is different. Therefore, we specially tailor each Client engagement so that Clients can enjoy the most benefits possible. In addition to this, fees will vary depending on the country where our services are required.
  • Internal audit services

    • The role of internal auditing has changed over recent years. In today’s economy, an internal audit can be important for a firm’s reputation, and shareholder value. If our Clients require specialised knowledge in this area, Healy Consultants will be happy to provide this service;
    • Our accounting team has specialised knowledge on the reporting requirements in many countries around the world. Our services include i) assisting internal audits ii) advising risk management plans iii) providing audit resources and iv) fully outsourced audit services.
  • Quarterly VAT or GST returns

    • Depending on the jurisdictions, VAT and GST filing requirements will vary. Healy Consultants specialises in filing requirements for over 80 countries, therefore, Clients may want to consider Healy Consultants as their local VAT and GST filing agent in order to save time and costs;
    • You just need to provide us with the summary of sales, and purchases subject to VAT or GST and our professional team will i) study, ii) calculate, iii) prepare and submit the VAT or GST returns iv) provide statements and v) obtain refunds where necessary.
  • Employee immigration visas

    • Healy Consultants will prepare and submit a high quality visa applications that maximizes the likelihood of visa approval for our Client. To date, Healy Consultants enjoys a 100% visa approval record with every Government;
    • Our team specialises in i) entrepreneur visas ii) visitor visas and iii) employee visas. Please see our country pages in order to find out more about visas in your jurisdictions.
  • Finding office premises

    Healy Consultants will source for office space and only arrange a meeting with the 3 best office premises that suit your business requirements. Healy Consultants only uses professional firms such as Regus when providing office ideas for our Client. Please see our 10 steps to finding office premises for more information.

  • Corporate finance

    Healy Consultants assists our Clients to maximize shareholder value by assisting them with their financial planning and implementation of corporate strategies. Visit our corporate finance webpage to see some of the corporate finance services that Healy Consultants offers.

It is important our Clients’ are aware of their personal and corporate tax obligations in their country of residence and domicile; and they will fulfill those obligations annually. Let us know if you need Healy Consultants’ help to clarify your annual reporting obligations.

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