Legal annual returns in 2024

In every country on the planet, Healy Consultants helps our Clients’ timely submit an accurate and complete legal annual return to the Registrar of Companies.

What is a legal annual return?

  1. A legal annual return is an annual report submitted to the local Registrar of Companies. This report informs the Government of the current corporate structure of the company, to ensure the public register is up to date. Information in a legal annual return includes:
    • Confirmation of the company name and registration number and legal registered address;
    • Confirmation of the i) principal activities of company and ii) the location of its business address, which does not always correspond to its registered address;
    • Confirmation of all shareholders and directors, including their names, addresses and passport details;
    • A statement of share capital and shares; and
    • A signed copy of audited financial statements;
    • A Government filing fee.
  2. In the majority of countries on the planet the above information is available for public viewing on request. In some countries, this information can be accessed on line, for example in i) the UK ii) New Zealand iii) France or iv) Singapore. This information is unavailable in tax neutral jurisdictions (click link).

Deadlines and filing

  1. In the majority of countries on the planet, a legal annual return is required to be submitted to the Registrar of Companies within 6 months of the accounting year end;
  2. It is the directors responsibility to ensure the legal annual return is filed on time;
  3. As company secretary, Healy Consultants timely submits a legal annual return on behalf of our Clients company;
  4. Government penalties are imposed if our Client fails to submit accurate and complete legal annual returns to the Registrar of Companies. Consequently, it is important our Client supplies us audited financial statements as soon as practical after the year end.