Global marketing services in 2024

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Healy Consultants offers a wide range of global marketing services tailored to the exacting requirements of international entrepreneurs and corporations. Our team of marketing specialists, in addition to our detailed knowledge of varied international markets across a wide array of business sectors, gives us a unique strategic edge when it comes to offering global marketing services to your firm. Our global marketing capabilities include:

  • Main global marketing services we offer

    • Website design – Healy Consultants’ Marketing Team includes experienced website designers who will work according to our Client’s precise specifications and budget. Whether the requirement is for a cutting-edge website designed with the “wow” factor in mind or simply an information-providing tool, our experts will work with you to ensure your ideas become reality;
    • Website content creation – most entrepreneurs do not have the time to generate professional copy for their website. We employ a professional copywriter with magazine/newspaper experience who will create the message you want your website visitors to see;
    • Search Engine Advertising – no firm in the world can afford to ignore the power of internet advertising. Through our sister business, Healy Consultants offers a full range of search engine advertising services to global clients. We are one of the few corporate services providers to offer this global marketing service in-house. Our search engine adverting services include i) website optimization to achieve first page natural rankings on Google for your business website and ii) to set up and manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google.
  • Copywriting strategies

    Copywriting – with a professional business copywriter on our staff, our Clients request Healy Consultants’ assistance to develop new prepare professional content for a wide variety of purposes, including:

    • Business website building (see 2. above);
    • Annual reports;
    • Investment proposals for mergers and acquisitions;
    • Company prospectuses in advance of initial public offering (IPO);
    • Applications for Corporate finance;
    • Business plans for foreign investment applications, to give to potential investors and venture capitalists;
    • Feasibility studies to submit to banks and financial institutions when seeking project finance;
    • Brochures and flyers for daily marketing purposes.
  • Marketing and business promotion strategies

    • Media Campaigns – Healy Consultants will coordinate your global advertising campaigns, including: providing costings and different options i) newspaper and magazine advertisements and ii) radio and television advertisements;
    • Audiovisual content production – Healy Consultants can create a professional corporate video for your firm to enhance your global image. Our capabilities in this area include:
      • Arranging for professional photography and/or image selection;
      • Video production for i) website or ii) corporate presentation use;
      • Voice commentaries to accompany video or for radio commercials;
      • Captions writing.
    • Creating cutting-edge presentations using the latest design softwares;
    • Corporate stationery and logo design.

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For additional information on our global marketing services, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Kunal Fabiani, directly:
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