How we help our Clients’ recruit quality employees

In every country in the world, Healy Consultants boasts a lot of experience timely securing quality staff for our Clients’. The key to our success is to i) maximize the interaction with candidates before signing employment contracts and ii) minimizing lead time between receiving the candidates resume to signing the employment contract (usually one week).

Some of our Clients may require professional services in drafting an employment contract and a comprehensive employee handbook. Healy Consultants will be able to provide these two services at a fee of US$750 for drafting an employment contract, and US$2,450 for drafting an employee handbook.

During our high standard one week interview process, Healy Consultants evaluates the quantity and quality of candidates’ deliverables. We evaluate applicants i) willingness to complete tasks ii) speed of email replies iii) business writing skills iv) common sense and problem solving skills. Healy Consultants signature recruitment process follows:

  • Optimum candidate profile

    Healy Consultants and our Client document the optimum candidate qualities, nationality, qualifications, skills, personality type, etc.

  • Recruitment advert

    • Drafting a quality advert with our Client final approval;
    • Minimizing advertising costs while reaching the target audience.
  • Resume filtering

    • Healy Consultants HR department will receive 100’s of resumes and reduce to 10 suitable candidates. We are only interested in candidates with a history of staying with multiple employers for more than 3 years at a time. Job hoppers to be avoided;
    • Our HR Department Director immediately rings each candidate to lock them in and explain the recruitment process over the coming week. During the call we evaluate their oral English skills and their common sense.
  • Completion of questionnaire

    • Healy Consultants HR department will create a candidate questionnaire to determine i) English writing skills ii) common sense answers to business questions iii) candidates ability to research answers iv) candidate expectation from employer over coming 12 months v) candidate strengths and weaknesses and vi) many more revealing questions;
    • Healy Consultants HR Director rates the speed and quality of candidates replies, signaling the hunger of candidate;
    • Usually 5 out of the 10 candidates fail to supply Healy Consultants a quality completed questionnaire.
  • Personality profile test

    • The 5 remaining candidates complete a personality profiling questionnaire (click link). This step in the recruitment process is super important. It matches the personality behavior (click link) of the candidate to the qualities required by our Client;
    • The most productive employees usually are type 1, 2 and 3 and 6.
  • Relevant business tasks

    • If the candidate is still considered a viable employee for the job, he or she will now be asked to perform one or more relatively challenging tasks relevant to our Client business;
    • The tasks are particularly helpful for evaluating candidates common sense, simple solution skills, organization and quality of replies, business savvy.
  • Phone interviews

    The remaining candidates will convene a phone interview with the Healy Consultants HR Director. Deliverables from recruitment process to date will be discussed.

  • Face to face interviews

    • Usually two quality candidates emerge from the above recruitment process;
    • Senior staff from our Client company will complete a face to face interview with these candidates.
  • Employment contract

    • Healy Consultants agrees with Client and candidate the optimum employment contract, in compliance with local Government employment laws;
    • Both candidates sign the offer of employment pending i) receipt of quality professional references from past employers and ii) completion of a 1 week trial period.
  • Professional references

    To secure independent, honest feedback re the remaining two candidates, Healy Consultants HR Director will ring the business owner and senior supervisors from past employers.
  • One or two week trial period

    • If possible, we recommend our Clients’ employ the candidate as a consultant to work in our Clients’ office for one or two weeks. This is a great opportunity for our Clients’ to evaluate the potential employee including i) his ability to fit into the organization ii) the quality and quantity of his deliverables iii) his common sense iv) his ability to work within a team;
    • Healy Consultants and our Clients’ found this to be a very useful practical step in the recruitment process;
    • To protect our Client during this trial period, the potential employee signs a temporary consultant agreement with detailed terms and conditions.
  • Final employment contract

    Following satisfactory completion of the above, a final formal employment contract is sign with the employee together with i) start date ii) employee detailed due diligence documents and iii) employee goals for the coming 12 months.
  • Behaviors of Quality Candidates

    • Quality candidates reply to emails and complete required tasks in a timely manner;
    • They get on with the recruitment process and do what they are asked with minimum questions and without complicating the recruitment process;
    • Quality candidates resumes have few employers with long employment periods;
    • Quality candidates complete tasks in a super-fast and efficient manner;
    • Quality candidates write simple, concise emails and questionnaires;
    • They keep the recruitment process simple and make it seem easy;
    • They do not make complaints and look for negatives in the job description;
    • Quality candidates do not boast about how good they are, although a healthy level of confidence is desirable.
  • Red flags during the recruitment process

    • How fast does the candidate reply to emails? What is the style of the replies? The level of spoken and written English?
    • Take notice of the candidate’s attitude. At Healy Consultants we wish to be involved with people who have a positive outlook on life, is resilient to pressure and accumulating tasks. It’s vital that the candidate has a “can-do attitude” instead of a “cannot-do attitude”. The person with a can-do attitude will positively look for solutions, while the cannot-do attitude will look at the obstacles and problems and appear to be stuck. The ideal candidate has awareness of potential obstacles but immediately make suggestions for solutions to these obstacles;
    • During the phone interview, listen to the grammar, dialect, tone of voice, of the candidate. Is the candidate’s voice and English understandable and pleasant? Is he convincing in his arguments? Is she empathetic and polite? Does he understand the questions asked and give adequate answers? Consider if you would want to do business with this person over the phone or in person. If the answer is no, then this person will not be a good candidate for a job that requires contact with clients and sales;
    • During the personal interview, observe the candidate; how he or she appears, dress style, eye contact, body language, level of hygiene. It’s normal for a candidate to appear nervous at an interview, but if the level of stress is excessive, then the person will not be a good candidate for the job. Also take notice of the content of what is being said: Is the person more focused on what he will get out of the company, or is he more focused on what he can do for the company? The latter is obviously preferred.

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