Drafting employment contracts for global staff in 2024

Since 2003, Healy Consultants assists our multinational Clients with global recruitment strategies including i) conducting interviews on behalf of our Clients ii) securing work visas for employees iii) employee payroll and iv) drafting legal employment contracts for our Clients’ international staff.

  • Why engage Healy Consultants to draft an Employment Contract?

    • When setting up a branch or satellite office in a country where our Client’s HR departments have limited knowledge of local labour laws or recruitment steps.
    • For Clients who do not have HR staff to handle recruitment, including the preparation of employment contracts.
    • For Clients who wish to outsource this time consuming legal and administrative task to a firm which understands their business.
    • For Clients who have already engaged Healy Consultants to assist with other aspects of the recruitment process, including i) screening candidates ii) conducting first interviews iii) collecting references and iv) securing work visas.
  • Our employment contract drafting services

    • Our team prepares a draft employment contract template based on the country in which the candidate is being hired. In some countries, an employment contract must follow a prescribed format.
    • In addition to standard clauses in accordance with local labour laws, the draft contract will include specific terms and conditions which were agreed between the Client and the candidate.
    • Our team confirms with a local lawyer in the country in question that the contract adheres to the labour and employment laws of the country.
    • Our team sends the draft employment contract to our Client for review and approval.
    • If required, Healy Consultants arranges for the draft contract to be translated into the local language using a professional translation service.
    • If required, our team arranges for the employment contract to be legally endorsed by the labour ministry or other relevant government authorities.
    • If legally required in certain jurisdictions, our team prepares for the employment contract to be legally stamped and thereafter approved before sign-off by i) our Client and ii) the candidate.
    • Once the draft is approved by our Client, Healy Consultants sends the finalized employment contract to i) our Client and ii) the candidate for e-signature.
  • Registration as a foreign employer

    • Healy Consultants Group can assist our Clients register as a foreign employer instead of incorporating a new entity.
    • Registration as a foreign employer is a cheaper and faster alternative to setting up a branch office.
    • In most countries, a foreign employer must secure a local tax ID.
    • Healy Consultants Group will complete this process on your behalf without personal travel involved.
    • Going forward our Accounting and Tax team will complete monthly payroll services and employment contribution payments/reporting on your behalf.
    • In some countries, our Client will be required to open a corporate bank account in order to settle government taxes and contributions. Healy Consultants Group will assist our Client to open an international corporate bank account without travel to comply with government obligations. View our guaranteed corporate bank account opening policy.
    • In other countries, self-employed individuals enjoy higher tax breaks and easier reporting obligations. In these countries, our Client should consider engaging the individual as a self-employed sub contractor. Healy Consultants Group can assist you with this.
  • Our fees

    Healy Consultants’ fee to prepare an employment contract in English ready for signature is US$850. Additional fees will apply for i) professional translation services, if required and ii) local government fees (if applicable). Our team may also revert for additional fees if the contract is more complex than initially envisaged.
  • Conclusion

    Setting up operations and hiring staff in a new country is easy if you know how. Healy Consultants offers a full suite of recruitment services in every country on the planet. Contact us to discover how we can assist.

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