Corporate finance advisory services and solutions in 2024

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Working with some of the leading corporate finance houses in Asia and the world, Healy Consultants assists our Clients to maximize shareholder value by assisting them with their financial planning and the implementation of corporate strategies. Healy Consultants’ corporate finance experts can advise on the most suitable capital structure, raising additional equity, designing or implementing corporate, capital, and governance restructuring programs, and much more. Some of the corporate finance services offered by Healy Consultants include:

  1. Gaining asset-based loans to improve cash flow;
  2. Capital restructuring;
  3. Debt consolidation;
  4. Providing working capital;
  5. Buy-ins and buy-outs;
  6. Provide tax and accounting advice;
  7. Assistance with obtaining private debt and private and public equity;
  8. Securing export finance;
  9. Assistance with obtaining letters of credit;
  10. Negotiating underwriting agreements;
  11. Preparing and negotiating required restrictions of securities with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulators;
  12. Redesigning and amending benefit plans;
  13. Providing share and business valuations as a precursor to a corporate finance transaction;
  14. Capital and governance restructuring programs;
  15. Providing support for Initial Public Offering (IPO);
  16. Asset-backed securitization.

It is important our Clients’ are aware of their personal and corporate tax obligations in their country of residence and domicile; and they will fulfill those obligations annually. Let us know if you need Healy Consultants’ help to clarify your annual reporting obligations.

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For additional information on our corporate finance services, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Simon Guidecoq, directly:
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