Payment by instalments in 2024

Some new Clients prefer to pay Healy Consultants fees by instalments. Usually instalment payments are paid as follows:

  1. Payment of retainer fee (click link) at the beginning of the engagement, before Healy Consultants and our Client agree the optimum corporate strategy;
  2. Payment of full company registration and government fees before Healy Consultants begins legal company incorporation;
  3. Payment of full corporate bank account fee before Healy Consultants submits a complete quality application to the bank;
  4. Settle any remaining fees before Healy Consultants completes tax registration and couriers the company kit to our Client.
  5. Healy Consultants does not normally allow Clients to pay resident director fees by instalments. We normally require full payment up front for the year. However, we may consider half-yearly payments for companies in good standing.

Why pay by instalments?

Some new Clients are apprehensive about doing business with and sending payments to a consultant firm found on Google, without a face to face meeting.

Some new Clients are skeptical of Healy Consultants ability to timely deliver what we promise, especially for complex engagements in emerging markets.

Other fee considerations

  • Healy Consultants has multi-currency corporate bank accounts in most countries; therefore, our Clients can pay instalments in their local currencies in their own country. Eliminating currency controls and minimizing bank charges;
  • Our Clients can pay instalments by credit card (click link) or by PayPal;
  • To give Clients comfort before paying Healy Consultants fees, we recommend you seek professional references from our past Clients;
  • Depending on the complexity of the engagement, Healy Consultants asks our Clients for a retainer fee (click link) before advancing an engagement, ranging from US$1000 to US$10,000;
  • All engagement fees (click link) are agreed and paid up front and transparently published on our country web pages. Consequently, there are no hidden fees or surprises or ambushes throughout the engagement. All engagement deadlines are agreed up front in the form of a detailed project plan (click link), mapping out deliverables by week throughout the engagement term;
  • Every week during the engagement, we email our Client a detailed status update (click link). Our Client is immediately informed of engagement problems together with solutions. Your dedicated engagement manager (click link) is reachable by phone, skype, live chat and email and will communicate in your preferred language;
  • If our Client and Healy Consultants properly plan this engagement, our Clients will not have to travel during this engagement. Healy Consultants will efficiently and effectively complete company registration and corporate bank account opening in a timely manner without our Clients’ presence. Instead, our Client will need to i) sign and get documents legalized in the embassy in their country of origin and ii) courier the originals to Healy Consultants office.

Contact us

For additional information on our incorporation services, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Aidan Healy, directly:
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