Hedge fund companies in 2023

Offshore hedge fundsJerseyBritish Virgin IslandsCayman Islands
Summary at a glance
Types of funds?
How long to setup the hedge fund vehicle?1 week1 week1 week
How long to launch the hedge fund?Up to 12 weeksUp to 12 weeksUp to 12 weeks
Does our Client need to travel to complete fund setup?NoNoNo
Minimum investment required?Up to US$1,000,000Up to US$1,000,000Up to US$1,000,000
Regulatory Authority?JFSCBVIFSCCIMA
Government approval required?For collective investment fundFor open-ended fundsFor open-ended funds
Local registered address required?YesYesYes
Local directors required?Yes (unclassified funds)NoNo
Resident registered agent required?NoYesNo
Resident manager required?Yes (unclassified funds)NoNo
Total hedge funds setup costs (excl. Government fees)US$25,420US$26,900US$29,241
Hedge Fund Registration
Minimum number of directors required?122
Resident directors required?Yes (unclassified funds)NoNo
Corporate directors allowed?YesYes (except public funds)Yes
Individual directors allowed?YesYesYes
Managers must be appointed?Yes (except unregulated fund)NoNo
Minimum number of managers required?100
Resident manager required?Yes (unclassified funds)NoNo
Must managers be licensed by the government?Yes (expert funds)YesNo
Minimum number of agent required?010
Resident agent required?NoYesNo
Public register of shareholders and directors?YesNoNo
Accounting and tax considerations
Statutory corporate income tax payable?0%0%0%
Audited Financial Statements to be submitted?YesYesYes
Must engage a local audit Firm?NoNoYes
Annual tax return to be submitted?YesYesYes
Access to how many double taxation treaties?3120
Statutory audit required?YesYesYes
Annual tax return to be submitted?YesYesYes
Withholding tax payable on dividends to foreign shareholders?NoNoNo
Can hedge fund hire expatriate staff in the country?YesYesYes
Logistical considerations
Can issue invoices/sign sales contracts with local Clients?NoNoNo
Can rent office premises in the jurisdiction?NoNoNo
Healy Consultants PLC’s Employment visa fees?US$3,950US$3,950US$3,950
Average monthly salary for hedge fund employee?US$25,000US$25,000US$25,000
English spoken rate (% of population)957595
Literacy rate (% of population)999899
Computer literacy rate (% of population)494771
GDP per capita?US$57,000US$42,300US$43,800
Population (in thousands)95,73231,91253,737
Unemployment rate?1.7%8.7%4%
Inflation rate?3.7%2.2%1.2%
Healy Consultants Group PLC’s fees
Total hedge funds setup costs (excl. Government fees)US$25,420US$26,900US$26,900
Subsequent annual costs (incl. accounting & tax)US$10,700US$11,710US$10,720
Estimate of Government feesUS$570US$570US$4,391
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