Foundation jurisdictions and fees in 2024

Healy Consultants can establish a Foundation to suit your particular needs in the following locations:


Register a foundation A Singapore Trust is a legitimate, tax-efficient and safe way to protect global assets, and is integral part of estate and succession planning for an increasing number of international entrepreneurs. Healy Consultants fees to establish a Foundation in the Singapore are: Year 1: US$25,600 and Year 2 onwards: US$18,100. For more information.

Hong Kong

Despite its handover to China in 1997, Hong Kong law is based on UK Common Law, which recognizes the concept of a trust. Healy Consultants fees to establish a trust in the Hong Kong are: Year 1: US$35,000 and Year 2 onwards: US$15,000. For more information, kindly follow this Hong Kong trust set up link.


Liechtenstein is a well-respected jurisdiction in Europe with strong confidentiality laws and excellent business and legal infrastructure. This makes a Liechtenstein Foundation an excellent asset control vehicle. Healy Consultants’ fees to establish a Foundation in Liechtenstein start at €14,890 in Year 1, and €14,635 from Year 2 onwards. For more information, kindly follow this Liechtenstein trust setup link.

Netherlands Antilles

The Netherlands Antilles Private Foundation is a legal entity and an excellent asset protection vehicle which offers many tax benefits, although could be still considered an offshore ‘tax neutral’ jurisdiction. Healy Consultants fees to establish a Foundation in the Netherlands Antilles are: Year 1: US$16,500 and Year 2 onwards: US$9,500.


A Panamanian Foundation is a hybrid between a Trust and an offshore company. The entity has a separate identify from the owners. Assets within the Foundation are the sole property of the Foundation, e g shares in a subsidiary trading company. A foundation is confidential because there is no public register of members and beneficiaries. Healy Consultants’ fees to establish a Foundation in Panama are: Year 1: US$14,500 and Year 2 onwards: US$8,500. To find our more information, send us an email (click link).


According to estimates by Switzerland’s Federal Supervisory Authority, the assets of charitable foundations totalled more than 30 billion Swiss Francs (US$25 billion) as of 2005, with annual payouts totaling around US$838 million. Switzerland is an attractive location in which to establish a Foundation, and recently revised its Foundation Law to further encourage the sector. Healy Consultants’ fees to establish a Foundation in Switzerland start at US$19,000 in Year 1, and US$11,500 from Year 2 onwards.

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