Foundation jurisdictions and fees

Healy Consultants can establish a Foundation to suit your particular needs in the following locations:


Register a foundation A Singapore Trust is a legitimate, tax-efficient and safe way to protect global assets, and is integral part of estate and succession planning for an increasing number of international entrepreneurs. Healy Consultants fees to establish a Foundation in the Singapore are: Year 1: US$25,600 and Year 2 onwards: US$18,100. For more information.

Hong Kong

Despite its handover to China in 1997, Hong Kong law is based on UK Common Law, which recognizes the concept of a trust. Healy Consultants fees to establish a trust in the Hong Kong are: Year 1: US$35,000 and Year 2 onwards: US$15,000. For more information, kindly follow this Hong Kong trust set up link.


Liechtenstein is a well-respected jurisdiction in Europe with strong confidentiality laws and excellent business and legal infrastructure. This makes a Liechtenstein Foundation an excellent asset control vehicle. Healy Consultants’ fees to establish a Foundation in Liechtenstein start at €14,890 in Year 1, and €14,635 from Year 2 onwards. For more information, kindly follow this Liechtenstein trust setup link.

Netherlands Antilles

The Netherlands Antilles Private Foundation is a legal entity and an excellent asset protection vehicle which offers many tax benefits, although could be still considered an offshore ‘tax haven’ jurisdiction. Healy Consultants fees to establish a Foundation in the Netherlands Antilles are: Year 1: US$16,500 and Year 2 onwards: US$9,500.


Panama is an ideal place to establish a Foundation because it combines the best features of a Trust with the best features of an offshore corporation. Any assets given to a Foundation are the sole property of the Foundation, so they cannot be seized. Also, a Foundation can own shares in a company doing business, including activities that increase the worth of the assets such as banks, real estate holdings and securities brokerage accounts. As there are no shares in a Foundation, stock ownership is not applicable, and thus not reportable. This is a benefit for those looking for confidentiality. Healy Consultants fees to establish a Foundation in Panama are: Year 1: US$14,500 and Year 2 onwards: US$8,500.


According to estimates by Switzerland’s Federal Supervisory Authority, the assets of charitable foundations totalled more than 30 billion Swiss Francs (US$25 billion) as of 2005, with annual payouts totaling around US$838 million. Switzerland is an attractive location in which to establish a Foundation, and recently revised its Foundation Law to further encourage the sector. Healy Consultants’ fees to establish a Foundation in Switzerland start at US$19,000 in Year 1, and US$11,500 from Year 2 onwards.

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