Wealth management services in 2024

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Healy Consultants’ wealth management services are tailored for high net worth individuals. The following information details how Healy Consultants can help plan an effective wealth management strategy for you.

  1. Private banking – These services are best suited to Clients who have in excess of US$1 million. Healy Consultants introduces its Clients to professional private bankers who are responsible for every detail of a financial transaction or investment;
  2. Multi-currency deposit accounts – Available in major global currencies with leading international banks, a multi-currency deposit account offers high rates of interest;
  3. Brokerage accounts – A cost-effective way of trading on stock exchanges using online accounts;
  4. Property services – Healy Consultants works closely with reputable real estate professionals and banks in Asia to support our Clients’ property investment plans;
  5. Tax efficiency – A well-structured international tax planning strategy can legally minimise international tax liabilities. Companies incorporated in some jurisdictions, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, do not pay tax on revenues sourced outside the country. Many countries have also signed Double Taxation Treaties with other countries to prevent taxes levied twice on the same income, profit, capital gains, or inheritance. An effective international tax planning strategy should also take into account confidentiality and privacy concerns;
  6. Trusts and foundations for asset proection – Entrepreneurs and high net worth investors often require Healy Consultants’ assistance with the migration of their assets into an offshore trust. Thereafter, our Clients no longer own the assets, thus minimising international taxation and optimising asset protection;
  7. Retirement planning and inheritance planning – Includes drafting of wills, setting up a trust, inheritance, and capital gains tax advisory;
  8. Evaluation of investments – Includes return on investment, quantifying risk, and due diligence of companies;
  9. Demand for wealth management services – Fund management and private banking is growing as global capital flows shift from the West to the East. Developing markets such as China and India are driving demand for professional wealth management services in Asia. In response, Singapore and Hong Kong are geared to provide the most modern and most relevant wealth management services to international high-net-worth individuals.
  10. Bahamas SMART fund

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