Value Added Services Supplied by Healy Consultants Group in 2024

Since 2003, Healy Consultants Group assisted more than 5,000 multi-national Clients with the A to Z (read more) of global company incorporation.

During their engagement with Healy Consultants Group, our Clients appreciate to receive extra services helping them with their expansion overseas. All deliverables below are supplied by Healy Consultants Group without our Client’s travel and free of additional fees;

Most of our local competitors (click link) do not provide the 15 services listed below.

Tax advisory expertise

  1. We supply simple, practical low-cost strategies to legally minimize international tax, including i) sales tax and ii) corporation tax and iii) tariff duties and iv) staff personal income tax;
  2. We revert to our Clients with strategies to secure business grants and tax credits available for their specific business;
  3. We recommend the optimal legally tax-exempt holding entity for our multi-national Clients’ global business expansion goals.

Business networking

  1. Our team will email-introduce our Clients to a quality senior official in the Government Body regulating their business activities;
  2. When required, we will email-introduce our new Clients to our existing Clients already present in the country. Our existing Clients will be happy to recommend business setup strategies;
  3. When required, we supply our Clients with the contact details of a quality senior official in the local Chamber of Commerce;
  4. When required, we supply our Clients with the contact details of a quality senior official in local niche business associations.

Business development and marketing

  1. We supply a pro-forma invoice, compliant with country commercial regulations, which our Clients can use to invoice their local and global customers;
  2. When required, we recommend our Clients a quality professional local import/ export company to assist our Clients to trade products;
  3. When required, we skilfully review the key competitors of our Clients, following which we will supply clever, out of the box market entry strategies.

Travel to the country

  1. In 80% of our engagements, our Clients do not need to travel to the country where they are setting up business. If our Client has to travel during the engagement, we will pick them up at the airport. Refer to our concierge webpage;
  2. We advise low cost quality accommodation solutions for our Clients’ trip.

Project planning and communication skills

  1. Our Clients are successful, businessmen and multinational corporations. Consequently, our Clients usually appreciate our once-a-week , simple, straight to the point engagement update email;
  2. We prepare a quality, personalized detailed project plan, mapping the A to Z of the engagement. Each week, we update this document to confirm whether i) we are in line with initially agreed engagement timelines or ii) transparently disclose delays and their reasons;
  3. We prepare a business plan for our Clients’ review and approval. This document will help us communicate with the Banks and the Government to facilitate corporate bank account opening and/or licensing. Our Clients may decide to use this business plan thereafter to be sent to potential customers, suppliers or partners.

Contact us

For additional information on our value added services, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Simon Guidecoq, directly:
client relationship officer - Simon