Concierge services during your country visit in 2024

Appoint Aidan Healy as resident director of newly incorporated companyHealy Consultants is grateful for your business and we would like to make your business trip to meet us a stress free one. Aidan Healy recommends the following to make your visit an enjoyably and profitable one!

  1. Healy Consultants Concierge Team will book your hotel and flights;
  2. Our limo driver meets you at the arrival hall and chauffeurs you to your hotel in comfort! Free of charge;
  3. To optimize your communications at minimal costs, Healy Consultants lends you a prepaid cell phone and a prepaid mobile Wi-Fi thumbstick for the duration of your stay. Free of charge;
  4. Use our office boardroom for business meetings. Free of charge;
  5. Have our driver chauffeur you around the city in comfort and on time!
  6. Do an hour meeting with Aidan Healy to discuss how to improve your business. Free of charge;
  7. Have one of our Client Relationship Managers personally accompany you to your business meetings and act as an interpreter. There is a fee for this service;
  8. Meet multiple local banks to open multiple corporate bank accounts. Healy Consultants will assist you with this task and there is a fee for this service;
  9. Meet some of Healy Consultants’ local Clients. They will provide you with local business success strategies. There is no charge for this service;
  10. Meet with key local suppliers, agents, accountants and lawyers who can help you achieve your business goals. Healy Consultants will assist you with setting up meetings free of charge;
  11. Interview and recruit personnel to run your business. Healy Consultants will assist you with this task and there is a fee for this service;
  12. Go for an evening drink at a local hotspot;
  13. Buy some gifts for your family at the local shopping district;
  14. Our driver will return you to the airport on time!


Ask your dedicated Healy Consultants engagement project manager for help organizing the above. We are excited to meet you!

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For additional information on our concierge services, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Simon Guidecoq, directly:
client relationship officer - Simon