Hong Kong visit by our Clients in 2024

Since 2003, Healy Consultants Group helps our multi-national Clients open multi-currency corporate bank account with top international and local banks in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, Hong Kong banks require all directors and bank signatories to visit Hong Kong for a 1-hour KYC meeting at their branch (click link). No exceptions.

Note that Tier 1 banks are less welcoming of international entrepreneurs because i) Tier 1 banks increasingly prefer to onboard medium to large-sized Clients and ii) they prefer to onboard companies incorporated in the country where the bank operates. Where Tier 1 banks are not an option for our Clients, Healy Consultants offer Tier 2 bank solutions around the world;

A week before our Client arrives in Hong Kong

  1. Healy Consultants Group secures welcome emails from multiple bank officers inviting a corporate bank account opening application;
  2. We email the Hong Kong bank officers a quality business plan thoroughly explaining our Client’s business, including products and services, expected sales and annual net profits, potential customers and suppliers etc;
  3. Our Singapore team completes the bank account opening forms according to the requirements of senior bank officers.
  4. Healy Consultants Group helps our Client with quality hotel bookings with proximity to the bank branches;
  5. Ms. Raka (click link) will email introduce our Client to all parties including i) the bank officers ii) Government officers and iii) local lawyers and accountants;
  6. Raka emails our Client i) an agenda of meetings and addresses and cell phone numbers of all key parties and ii) a detailed list of what our Client must bring to the country and iii) a roadmap of the meetings with the top 5 banks in Hong Kong;

Our client’s stay in Hong Kong

  1. Ms. Raka (click link) will meet our Client at Hong Kong airport arrivals hall and chauffeur you to your hotel; and
  2. Ms. Raka will provide you with a i) prepaid sim card and ii) a USB dongle to enable you to continuously stay connected during your stay;
  3. Ms. Raka will accompany our Client to all meetings in Hong Kong including visits to the top 10 banks of Hong Kong to secure multiple corporate bank account approvals;

After your visit to Hong Kong

  1. Within 3 weeks, our Client will receive an email with multi-currency corporate bank account numbers;
  2. Our client receives a corporate multi-currency corporate visa debit card, ATM card and cheque book;
  3. Healy Consultants activates e-banking on behalf of our Client;
  4. Our client receives a secure courier with e-banking passwords and tokens. Logs in and executes the first online funds transfer;
  5. Our client provides Aidan Healy online feedback (click link);
  6. Our client considers putting a testimonial on our web site (click link);

To bring to Hong Kong for multi-currency corporate bank account opening

  1. A business plan optimizing the probability of corporate bank account approval. This document includes detailed information re the i) corporate structure and organization of the company ii) specific planned activities iii) global partners, suppliers and clients and iv) expected monthly and annual transactions;
  2. Sales invoices and expense invoices;
  3. A quality complete corporate bank account opening application;
  4. Resume of the client and company brochures (if any);
  5. Attested and notarized Certificate of incorporation and M&AA;
  6. Shareholders, beneficial owners and directors’ passport copies and recent proof of address;
  7. Latest three months bank statement for entities with existing corporate bank account;
  8. Professional reference letters from other banks, lawyers and accountants;
  9. Certificate of incumbency or good standing from the company;
  10. Tax returns and wealth statements from bank signatory and shareholders and directors;
  11. Group structure/organization chart;
  12. Lawyer letter confirming company and good standing;
  13. Proof of local business including a signed lease agreement or customer or supplier contracts.

How do we optimize the probability of corporate bank account opening?

  1. Healy Consultants Group secures a welcome email from the bank officers of the top banks in Hong Kong like HSBC, Standard Chartered and Citibank;
  2. Prior to the meeting with the dedicated bank officer, we i) ensure you are well prepared and ii) we coordinate the appointment time and location and iii) and we accompany you to the actual bank meeting;
  3. The banks in-house Legal and Compliance Department enjoys ultimate power of approval of corporate bank account opening applications. Consequently, guaranteed success is outside of Healy Consultants Group’s control;
  4. What is inside our control is the preparation and submission of a high-quality bank application that maximizes the likelihood of approval;
  5. To date, we enjoy a 95% approval record because of our global banking relationships and determination.

Healy Consultants Group fees

  1. Typically, our standard fee for a Hong Kong multi-currency corporate bank account solution is US$4,950;
  2. Refer to adobe pdf file here to view a draft standard sales invoice;
    View PDF


  1. Within 1 month after your visit to Hong Kong, our Client should expect to log into e-banking for multiple multi-currency corporate bank accounts with multiple Hong Kong banks;
  2. It is wise to keep at least two Hong Kong corporate bank accounts, in case one corporate bank account is unexpectedly closed by the bank.

Contact us

For additional information on our company registration services in Hong Kong, please contact our in-house country expert, Ms. Chrissi Zamora, directly:
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