Global bank account opening process

Healy Consultants can help our Clients secure an international multicurrency corporate bank account anywhere in the world without travel and our fee is US$4,950 payable by instalments:

1.Our Client settles an initial instalment of US$1,500 with Healy Consultants;Week 1
2.Healy Consultants collects due diligence from our Client including detailed proof of business;
3.Our banking team will approach global banks with a business plan. Our goal is to secure in writing a welcome email from the bank re your business;
4.Following completion of the above, our Client settles a second instalment of US$1,500 with Healy Consultants;Week 2
5.Healy Consultants prepares a quality corporate bank account opening application for our Client’s signature and email returns us a scan copy of the same;
6.The front office bank officer reviews and confirms the signed corporate bank account opening application is complete;
7.Our Client settles a third instalment of US$ 1,000 with Healy Consultants;Week 3
8.Healy Consultants submits the original signed quality complete application together with due diligence documentation from 2;
9.The bank in-house Legal and Compliance Department critically reviews the multi-currency corporate bank account application and reverts to Healy Consultants to secure additional information;
10.The bank approves the customer application and emails our Client the new corporate bank account numbers and banking details;Week 4
11.Our Client settles a final instalment of US$950 with Healy Consultants;
12.Healy Consultants receives a corporate multi-currency corporate visa debit card, ATM card and cheque book;
13.Healy Consultants activates e-banking on behalf of our Client;Week 5
14.Our Client receives a secure courier with e-banking passwords and tokens. Logs in and executes the first online funds transfer;Week 6
15.Our Client provides Aidan Healy online feedback (click link)Week 7
16.Our Client considers putting a testimonial on our web site (click link)
17.Healy Consultants successfully completes the engagement.

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For additional information on our Global bank account opening services, please email us at Alternatively please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Kunal Fabiani, directly:
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