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Healy Consultants assists our Clients with company incorporation in every country in the world, together with legal, tax, accounting, and banking support. Please follow the interactive map below, or refer to the related links for company registration by country:

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The process of company incorporation depends on the jurisdiction where the company is being registered. Healy Consultants will discuss with our Clients the international tax and legal implications, along with processes involved in incorporating their company. This will include highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of formation of a company in different corporate jurisdictions, including emerging markets. In summary, our firm assists Clients to identify the optimum corporate jurisdiction for company registration, the optimum corporate structure to legally protect assets and gain access to worldwide markets, while legally minimizing local and international taxation. Healy Consultants will spend time to ensure your onshore or offshore company structure provides the following benefits:

  1. Company incorporation in a politically stable jurisdiction – Healy Consultants’ preferred jurisdictions have stable economies and secure, transparent legal systems;
  2. Minimization of international tax liabilities – for example, if properly structured, a Singapore company is legitimately tax-exempt on profits earned outside Singapore. For more information, visit our Singapore offshore company page;
  3. Minimal statutory filing obligations – Healy Consultant’s Clients prefer jurisdictions where companies are quick to set up and simple to maintain;
  4. Registration of a company offshore offers unrestricted flow of capital and transfer of assets globally;
  5. Limited liability for corporate directors – a limited liability company is by far the most common corporate entity requested by our Clients;
  6. corporate bank account with an international retail or private bank – Healy Consultants works with internationally-recognised banks such as HSBCStandard Chartered, and Citibank to provide corporate bank account and offshore banking services to Clients;
  7. Nominee shareholders and directors for beneficial owners that require that structure, and in jurisdictions that allow it – Healy Consultants engineers global corporate structures which provide legitimate confidentiality for beneficial owners following company incorporation;
  8. Low share capital requirement – several jurisdictions, for example Hong Kong, have no minimum capital requirement. Visit the Hong Kong Companies Registry website for more information;
  9. Company formation in jurisdictions such as SingaporeHong Kong, and Dubai projects an excellent image to your Clients, suppliers, banks, and even potential venture capitalists, since they are not considered tax neutral jurisdictions;
  10. To hold directors/shareholders meetings anywhere in the world – the majority of jurisdictions allow meetings to be held anywhere, thus removing the inconvenience of arranging a meeting in the jurisdiction of incorporation;
  11. Efficient requirements for audit and maintaining accounting records – some offshore jurisdictions (for example, the British Virgin Islands) do not require companies to submit annual audited financial statements or income tax returns, others have efficient processes. Whether audits are required or not, ensuring company incorporation is simple to set up and cost effective to maintain is an important aspect of planning. For further information, go to our page on offshore industry evolution.

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