Engagement strategy document

  • What is it?

    • The engagement strategy document is a 20-page proposal to be signed by our Client and by Aidan Healy;
    • The document is a detailed roadmap of how the engagement will evolve and is prepared for i) complex engagements or ii) for business set up in complex countries;
    • The engagement strategy document is unique and specific to each Client and comprises critical, relevant information about:
      • Company incorporation strategy in the country for our Client’s specific business, including share capital requirements and business licenses;
      • Corporate banking strategy including how to obtain approval without the beneficial owner travelling;
      • Accounting and tax obligations including i) monthly payroll obligations ii) monthly Government reporting and iii) how to minimise tax;
      • Legal and compliance considerations including i) specific country laws applicable to our Client’s specific business ii) employee obligations;
      • Details of our Client expectations and Healy Consultants expectations;
      • A detailed, accurate, complete invoice of all fees specific to our Client’s engagement;
      • A detailed project plan of the engagement steps mapped out by week;
      • An appendix of what could go wrong in the engagement together with possible solutions.
  • Why prepare one?

    • In complex countries in the Middle East or Africa or Asia, business set up strategy varies by country, by industry, and by Client. There are no consistent, transparent Government rules to guide each Client in each developing country. Consequently, it is critical Healy Consultants researches and documents a clear strategy for each Client;
    • The engagement strategy document informs our Client of everything they need to know before settling the total engagement fees. Thus minimizing disputes later;
    • The engagement strategy document is Healy Consultants opportunity to thoroughly research and plan our Client’s engagement. Thus providing us the certainty we are accurately and completely guiding our Client in a new country. The secret to a successful engagement is in the planning;
    • This document aligns the expectations of Healy Consultants and our Client, optimizing the probability of a successful engagement.
  • Show me some examples

    Double click on the attachments below to view examples of engagement strategy documents prepared for past Clients. These documents will allow you to visualize what Healy Consultants will prepare for your specific engagement:

    Saudi Arabia engagement Vietnam engagement Kuwait engagement Jordan engagement Qatar engagement Lebanon engagement
    Example View invoice PDF View invoice PDF View invoice PDF View invoice PDF View invoice PDF View invoice PDF
    Abu Dhabi engagement Bahrain engagement Brazil engagement Indonesia engagement Malaysia engagement Thailand engagement
    Example View invoice PDF View invoice PDF View invoice PDF View invoice PDF View invoice PDF View invoice PDF

  • What is the cost?

    Before Healy Consultants prepares an engagement strategy document, we will collect a retainer fee of US$10,000.

    Thereafter, Healy Consultants will be happy to proceed to prepare an engagement strategy document specifically for your business. If your Firm proceeds to engage Healy Consultants to build your corporate structure, the retainer fee of US$10,000 will be offset against the total fees of the engagement. In the unlikely event your Firm is dissatisfied with our research and the recommendations from above, and consequently your Firm does not wish to engage our services, the retainer fee of US$10,000 will be kept by Healy Consultants to cover time spent to date on your engagement.

    I hope your Firm finds this approach reasonable and we look forward to working with you over the coming weeks. Feel free to speak to some of Healy Consultants existing clients if this will make you feel more comfortable.

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For additional information on our project manage engagement services, please contact our in-house country expert, Ms. Chrissi Zamora, directly:
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