Example of a weekly detailed engagement status update email to our Client in 2024

From: Karen Lee
Sent: 30 May 2014 3:57 PM
To: Our Client
Cc: Wormley, David (UK); Aidan Healy; Petar
Subject: Engagement update 29-5-14

Dear Mr. X,

How are you today, I hope all is well with you.

Corporate structure

  1. Attached is the combined Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon and Kuwait corporate structure for your Firm’s review and completion. Kindly note that to proceed with Qatar company name reservation, you need four other unique company names. Do you agree with my suggestions i) ACME Services Qatar ii) ACME Qatar iii) ACME Doha iv) Acme Services Qatar;
  2. Also, there is no name reservation available in Bahrain, Lebanon and Kuwait. Only at the time of company incorporation will the name be reserved;
  3. Aidan and I are working out how we can quickly complete company incorporation and corporate bank account opening using Healy Consultants nominee shareholder and director services. In each country, we are mapping out the new steps with our affiliate offices. I will know what is possible by Monday. So on our Tuesday email to you, I will have certainty for you;

Corporate bank account

  1. So far, HSBC in every country is requesting the bank signatory to travel for a one hour interview. We may get exemption from this administrative task if i) you email introduce us to the relevant Middle East hsbc bank officer so we negotiate exemption or ii) the same ACME employee will be the bank signatory on all the bank accounts in Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, and Bahrain or iii) the country bank signatories are also hsbc bank signatory in other countries;
  2. In the second week of June, are you open to the idea of one ACME Dubai employee flying to all four cities for one day each to sign all company incorporation papers and corporate bank account opening forms? This is the most cost efficient solution for ACME;
  3. Alternatively, Aidan and I are evaluating the idea of one of our team members (ms Chrissi as the nominee) flying to all four cities for one day each to sign all company incorporation papers and corporate bank account opening forms on behalf of ACME? This is the most time efficient solution for ACME, but we will expect your Firm to pay the costs;
  4. As I said, I will revert on Tuesday with an exact recommended strategy when I complete my planning and research;

Outstanding information I need from you

  1. Exact confirmation of business activities in each country. In the meantime, we will assume it will be a simple business consulting license in each country. ACME can apply for additional licenses later in 2014;
  2. HSBC letter of summary of services;
  3. Signed engagement letter and signed engagement strategy documents;
  4. Director and shareholder due diligence documents;
  5. Delays in providing the above will delay engagement deliverables and deadlines;


  1. I attached one MS Word file and MS Excel file to this email. If you have not received these documents, please revert to us and we will re-email to you again;
  2. Further to Aidan’s email yesterday, see attached the updated project plan with information for Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon and Kuwait;
  3. I set up a Dropbox account for ACME and invited you. I deposited a large ms word file (16mb) for you to view samples of legal agreements ACME will need to sign in June 2014. I recommend you ask your legal team to review and approve the content now so there are no delays later;

As always, feel free to call me on the numbers below if you would like to speak to me personally about the above. I am always at your disposal for any clarification you may need.

Miss Karen Lee
Karen Lee
Client Relationship Director
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