Healy Consultants Group vision 2025

Since 2003, Healy Consultants Group is successful. To grow and be the best, we need to continuously innovate and differentiate ourselves. Our 2025 vision includes:

No Vision Goal How?
1. Business web site By far, the best business web site on the planet for our industry
  • Ranks number 1 on Google and future search engines including blockchain – for every country on the planet.
  • Quality country landing page including advantages and disadvantages.
  • Quality accounting and tax web page.
  • Quality corporate bank account web page.
  • Quality content writers employed by Healy Consultants Group.
  • Quality fresh homepage.
2. Staff A great place to work
  • Exciting challenging creative work.
  • Unlimited career advancement.
  • High staff remuneration.
  • Free movement within offices.
  • Quality long term middle management.
  • Low staff turnover with high employee satisfaction scores.
  • Fair and clear bonus schemes.
  • A Company that values its cultural and national diversity, reflected in its Management Team.
  • Equal Opportunity Employer, offering opportunities to people with disabilities.
  • Staff recognition and celebrate individual milestones than contribute to the company.
  • Rank in top 50 companies to work for on glassdoor and greatplacetowork.com.
  • Openness, transparency and honesty, our best values.
  • Clear, consistent policies and procedures.
  • We have employees from every country on the planet.
3. Clients' Surrounded by large quality multi-national Clients'
  • Be the preferred Supplier of the Big 4.
  • Engaged by countless PLC Clients.
  • Be the preferred supplier for big Clients from China, India, USA, and Russia.
  • 50% Clients closed through SEO, 25% through referrals and 25% through networking, social media and new medias (eg blockchain).
  • Quality consistent annual professional support from our in-house Accounting and Tax Department.
  • Our Firm completed has registered a company in all countries on the planet.
  • Quality project managers, able to project-manage business setup in all continents of the world.
4. Brand Outstanding reputation worldwide
  • Domination of Google and Chinese search engines.
  • We completed business set up engagements in every country on the planet.
  • Healy Consultants is a go to resource for global media. Our website is frequently quoted by global media. Frequent opinion papers and editorials in top tier magazines and TV.
  • First 10 Google pages full of quality professional references.
  • We have a reputation for treating multinational Clients with integrity and honor.
  • Social media domination with quality unique information.
5. Expansion Open more international offices
  • Open more offices in USA and Europe and South Africa - offering current staff the opportunity to build those offices.
  • If Staff wish to move to new countries, they are welcome to do so by setting up a local office.
  • Continue to grow 20% per annum.