Manufacturing experts in 2024

Healy Consultants is the best in the world at helping Clients’ set up manufacturing operations in every country on the planet. Our Clients ask us to:

  1. Prepare a detailed project plan before each complex engagement to ensure compliance with country regulations and eliminating unforeseen circumstances;
  2. Setup their manufacturing company in a specific free zone, optimizing import/export duties;
  3. Minimize their international tax exposure using the appropriate corporate vehicle;
  4. Hire factory workers, engineers and other skilled and semi-skilled workforce required for their manufacturing operations;
  5. Apply and secure specific operating licenses;
  6. Protect our Client’s intellectual property with a trademark registration;
  7. Source cost-efficient manufacturing and warehouse solutions in locations within range of transportation infrastructure;
  8. Apply for government grants
  9. Secure project finance with a reputable financial institution;
  10. Procure land for construction, research and development;

Please refer to our different case studies to learn how we have helped our Clients globally in the past decade.

The ongoing trade war between USA and China is forcing global entrepreneurs and MNCs to look for alternative manufacturing jurisdictions like Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Mexico.

Click on the links below to view detailed comparison of global manufacturing jurisdictions and free zones.


Middle East





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