Annual Renewal of Our Clients’ Companies

The information below helps our Clients’ understand the Healy Consultants Group PLC annual renewal process:

  • Why do I do an annual company renewal?

    1. Pay annual Government fees to maintain a valid business license;
    2. The directors must timely submit annual financial statements and corporation tax returns to the Government;
    3. The company secretary must accurately and completely update the Government Registrar for online public viewing. For example, Singapore, Australia or Hong Kong;
    4. Failure to timely complete the above results in Government penalties including de-registration of the entity.
  • What is involved?

    1. Payment of annual Government business license fees;
    2. Submit a legal annual return (click link);
    3. Preparation of annual financial statements;
    4. Submit a corporation tax return;
    5. Payment of personal and corporate taxes;
    6. Extracting and analyzing the bank statement and related document (if any);
    7. Compute the trial balance, income statement and balance sheet (if any);
    8. Request additional document if needed and confirm the final figure with client;
    9. Company secretary and legal registered office;
    10. Mail forwarding;
    11. Nominee director services;
    12. Secure and file annual audited financial report (if required);
  • How does Healy Consultants Group PLC help?

    1. Minimize inconvenience to our Clients;
    2. Timely pay Government license fees;
    3. Timely submit legal annual return (click link);
    4. Timely prepare annual financial statements;
    5. Secure an exemption from independent statutory audit;
    6. Timely submit the legal annual return;
    7. We legally minimize international tax;
    8. Timely submit tax returns;
    9. We skillfully negotiate with Government Departments;
    10. Help with monthly book-keeping;
    11. Renew special regulatory licenses;
    12. Pay personal and corporate taxes;
    13. Appoint a company secretary who is resident in the respective country and Healy Consultants Group PLC offices will be the legal registered office;
    14. Secure an extension for tax filing to avoid any risks as i) late filing penalties and ii) court summons.
  • If our Client fails to timely complete the above

    1. The reputation between Government and Healy Consultants Group PLC is damaged;
    2. It is a criminal offence, resulting in fines or imprisonment;
    3. It is a breach of Healy Consultants Group PLC engagement letter;
    4. Our Client cannot act as a director or shareholder in that country again;
    5. Healy Consultants Group PLC must report the matter to the Government;
    6. The company corporate bank account is closed;
    7. The Government strikes the company off;
    8. Healy Consultants Group PLC appoints a debt collector to secure outstanding fees.
  • Conclusion

    Resident director of Singapore companyI would be grateful if you cooperate with Healy Consultants Group PLC; to timely discharge your annual legal, accounting and tax obligations. Thank you