Company formation professional services

During company incorporation in every country on the planet, Healy Consultants Group Staff will detail communicate with our Clients to discuss and determine:

  1. The optimum corporate structure including:
    • how we simplify the company incorporation process; and
    • national shareholders and resident directors (when required) and
    • an LLC or an LLP; or
    • a branch or a representative office; or
    • a holding company or a subsidiary; and
    • the benefits of shelf company; and
    • benefits of local free trade zones and their setup requirements; and
    • paid-up share capital requirements;
  2. The nature of the business activities of the new company, for example:
    • trading products and services; or
    • financial services or proprietary crypto-currency trading; or
    • investments or IP holding; or
    • manufacturing and distribution;
    • identifying the correct regulatory license required to conduct such activities; and
    • strategies to secure and exemption from a local regulatory license.
  3. Strategies to legally minimise local and international taxes including:
    • is the entity tax resident or an offshore company; and
    • strategies to secure exemption from registering for local VAT and GST and payroll; and
    • how to secure an exemption from undergoing an independent statutory annual audit; and
    • access to double taxation avoidance treaties; and
    • the annual company renewal process; and
    • Monthly, quarterly and mid-year Government tax obligations including monthly and quarterly payroll reporting, VAT and corporation tax return filing; and
    • Monthly and quarterly book-keeping support; and
    • Withholding taxes on dividends, interest, and royalties.
  4. How we project manage the engagement including:
    • expected engagement deliverables; and
    • potential challenges during the engagement; and
    • the A to Z of the business set up engagement; and
    • the Know Your Customer due diligence documents; and
    • All engagement deadlines are agreed up front in the form of a detailed project plan; and
    • Every week during the engagement, Healy Consultants Group will email our Client a detailed status update. Our Client is immediately informed of engagement problems together with solutions; and
    • Your dedicated engagement manager is reachable by phone, sms, Skype, WhatsApp, live chat, Viber and email and will communicate in your preferred language; and
    • the business set up process.
  5. Healy Consultants Group fees including:
    • All engagement fees are agreed and paid up front and agree to the fees published on our country web pages. Consequently, there are no hidden fees, surprises or ambushes throughout the engagement; and
    • To assist our Clients to minimize foreign exchange costs, we offer the payment in SG$, Euro, Pounds or US$; and
    • Some of our Clients prefer to pay Healy Consultants Group fees by instalments (click link);
    • The fees quoted in this sales invoice are a prediction of the fees required to efficiently and effectively complete this engagement in a timely manner. If during the engagement Healy Consultants Group realizes that the project is more complex than anticipated, requiring a large additional investment of time, my Firm will revert to request additional fees.
  6. Other business support services including:
    • physical office premises or virtual office? and
    • the benefits of trademark registration; and
    • assistance to recruit staff and draft employment contracts; and
    • assistance to secure employment permits.
  7. Courier our Client an accurate and complete company kit including i) original certificate of incorporation and ii) M&AA and iii) share certificates (if any) and iv) company stamp (if any) and v) registrars of directors and shareholders and vi) extract of commercial records.