Hong Kong company with merchant account in 2024

Healy Consultants provides our Clients with global merchant account solutions. Our most popular package includes the formation of a legally tax-exempt company in Hong Kong, with a local corporate bank account and merchant account. Our Clients will then be able to receive global payments by payment cards channeled through their Hong Kong company and then remitted to their country of residence.

Please click on the headers below for additional information on the different components of the package on our fees to engineer it.

  • The legally tax-exempt Hong Kong company

    • Healy Consultants can complete your Hong Kong company setup within 1 week. The process will only require;
      • A minimum paid-up capital of only US$1;
      • One shareholder and director, who can both be foreigners and live outside of Hong Kong, and;
      • Our Clients will not have to travel to complete company formation;
    • There is no legal requirement to provide a lease agreement in order to incorporate and operate a company in Hong Kong;
    • If needed, Healy Consultants will be pleased to offer virtual office services and assist our Client to hire local employees;
    • For more information on the legally tax-exempt Hong Kong company, refer to this offshore page.
  • Hong Kong corporate bank account

    • Hong Kong banks require all signatories to travel to Hong Kong for a one-hour bank meeting before approval and issuance of new corporate bank account numbers. Healy Consultants can however negotiate a legal solution to avoid travel requirements for our Clients who do not have the time to travel to Hong Kong. Kindly contact us for further details;
    • Most banks in Hong Kong require a minimum bank account balance of as low as HK$30,000 (US$4,000) with a monthly service fee of HK$100 (US$10) for balances below the required minimum;
    • Hong Kong’s quality of banking industry regulation is highly reputed and the identities of account holders and transaction information is subject to high standards of confidentiality. You may refer to this banking page for further information on corporate banking and other banking services in Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong merchant account

    In order to secure a merchant account for your business in Hong Kong, the company must firstly open a local corporate bank account. Healy Consultants will assist our Client to complete the same with a top tier Hong Kong bank. Refer to this banking option page for an overview of our recommended banks in Hong Kong;

    Securing a merchant account in Hong Kong can be a nightmare for newly established online businesses. Healy Consultants works closely with some of the leading banks and providers to offer our Clients merchant account solutions for their Hong Kong based companies;

    Our collaborative banks offer our Clients a full spectrum of competitive and innovative payment solutions capturing every sales opportunity and enabling our Clients’ businesses to stay ahead of competition.

    Some of the advantages of a Hong Kong merchant account include:

    • Availability of an all-inclusive online payment package with services including i) sales authorization ii) funds payment and iii) successful transaction reporting;
    • Merchant services accepting payments from a wide rand of cards namely i) MasterCard ii) Visa iii) American Express iv) EPS cards v) Diners Club, among others;
    • Fast and direct crediting of our Client’s business payments into their Hong Kong corporate bank account;
    • Availability of dedicated merchant services with a 24hour transaction authorization hotline and technical support;
    • A comprehensive web based reporting tool enabling our Clients to have access to their businesses’ online transactions and payments.

    Hong Kong merchant account regulations:

    Hong Kong does not exercise any specific regulations for merchant accounts other than those already imposed by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standard.

  • Hong Kong accounting and tax

    Hong Kong entities are attractive vehicles to legally reduce taxation because:

    • Profits sourced from outside of Hong Kong are legally tax-exempt. Profits sourced from within Hong Kong are taxed at a competitive rate of 16.5%;
    • No withholding tax is payable on dividends, interest and directorship fees remitted abroad;
    • There is no requirement to register for VAT or GST, as such taxes do not exist in Hong Kong;
    • Hong Kong has also concluded favorable double tax avoidance agreements with EU countries whereby a subsidiary of a foreign company may enjoy very tax efficient solutions.

    The administrative obligations of a Hong Kong company include:

    • Filing of their first annual financial statements within fifteen months after the date of incorporation;
    • Actively trading companies must file annual audited financial statements;
    • Penalties may be imposed of companies’ failure to comply with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance;
    • Kindly refer to this tax page for more information on Hong Kong accounting and tax requirements.
  • Our fees

    • Our total fees for the engagement amount to US$15,055 including i) Hong Kong company formation services ii) company secretary and legal registered office iii) Hong Kong corporate bank account opening services and iv) merchant account opening services fees. Kindly refer to the invoice below for a detailed breakdown of our fees.

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    Service Hong Kong company with merchant account
    Engagement planning 1 week
    Company incorporation period 1 week
    Bank account approval 3 weeks
    Internet banking approval 1 week
    Merchant account approval 2 weeks
    Engagement completion 1 week
    Total engagement period 9 weeks

  • Merchant account options

    Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5
    Transaction fee 3.4% 3.5% 4% 3.99% US$0.35
    Cross border fee 3.9% 2.9% None 3.4% None
    Foreign spread currency None None None None None
    Chargeback fee US$10 US$15 None US$25 US$25
    Refund fee 0.5% 0.8% None 1.2% US$0.35
    How long to setup account? 1 day 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 2 weeks
    Timeframe to receive customer card transactions? 1 day 1 day 7 days 14 days 7 days
    Multiple currencies allowed? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Multi-user access allowed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Customer chargeback allowed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Visa card Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Master card Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    American Express Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Diners Club Yes No Yes No Yes
    Discover Novus Yes No Yes No Yes
    PPS No Yes No No Yes

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For additional information on our merchant account services in Hong Kong, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Simon Guidecoq, directly:
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