Hong Kong trust formation in 2024

HK finance trust formation solutionsDespite its handover to China in 1997, Hong Kong law is based on English common law, which recognises the concept of a trust. The following information will help you determine whether a Hong Kong trust is the optimum solution to fulfill your personal and/or corporate objectives.

Advantages of trust formation in Hong Kong

  1. Trust beneficiaries enjoy 100% tax exemption on their income, provided they are non-resident;
  2. There is no requirement to register trust documents with the Hong Kong authorities;
  3. A Hong Kong trust is not required to submit audited financial statements or an annual tax return;
  4. Hong Kong is an international financial centre with a reputable, advanced legal system. Hong Kong trustees are bound by the provisions of the Trustee Ordinance.

Disadvantages of trust formation in Hong Kong

  1. A Hong Kong Trust has access to only a very limited number of double taxation agreements.

Main uses for Hong Kong trust formation

  1. To hold assets including property, bank accounts, stocks, shares, and assets of offshore companies; insurance and assurance policies and intellectual property;
  2. To protect assets from creditors.

Healy Consultants fees for trust formation in Hong Kong

Different Hong Kong trusts Registration cost Annual maintenance fees Sample of draft invoice
Foreign trust US$16,000 US$16,150 View invoice PDF
Onshore trust US$16,700 US$14,450 View invoice PDF

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