Hong Kong corporate brokerage account in 2024

Citibank Hong KongA brokerage account is one of the most requested types of services required by our global Clients in Hong Kong. Over the past decades, Hong Kong has established itself as a robust stock exchange market characterized by high transaction volumes and strong revenues.

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  • Brokerage account in Hong Kong

    HSBC Hong Kong

    • Hong Kong enjoys a large pool of experienced brokers who provide excellent trading support across a range of services to support brokerage accounts;
    • Healy Consultants Group’s expert brokerage team will work closely with our preferred portfolio of trusted local providers to ensure our Clients secure optimal facilities per our Client’s exact requirements.
  • Preferred investment environment

    Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is an excellent jurisdiction for international traders for a brokerage account because:

    1. Provides international traders with access to both Asian, US and UK markets;
    2. Permits Clients to trade on the i) Hong Kong stock exchange as well as Shenzhen and ii) Shanghai stock exchanges;
    3. Clients may additionally trade with other stock exchanges across Asia including i) Singapore, ii) Malaysia, iii) Indonesia, iv) Thailand, v) Philippines, vi) Japan, and vii) Australia;
    4. Hong Kong is a secure, reputable and well-regulated financial center with banks closely governed and supervised by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.
  • Our brokerage account solutions

    Our preferred Hong Kong Brokerage providers offer a wide range of services including:

    • Equities Trading in HK and regionally;
    • Optimal cash and margin trading accounts;
    • FX and futures margin trading options;
    • Daily and weekly updates on securities borrowing and lending;
    • IPO private placement on funds and unit trusts;
    • Fixed income Investments;
    • Company research and sector focus reports.
  • Why Hong Kong brokerage account?

    A Hong Kong corporate brokerage account is advantageous because:

    • Clients enjoy exemptions from stamp duty on shares in exchange traded funds;
    • Availability of topnotch easily-navigable automated internet trading platforms;
    • There is no minimum deposit or balance required;
    • Clients can manage both individual or joint investments remotely by a single login;
    • Clients can easily buy and sell securities in global markets.
  • Other important considerations

    Other considerations when opening a Hong Kong corporate brokerage account include:

    • Clients must ensure that their preferred provider uses advanced security technology and security measure to protect confidential account information;
    • Hong Kong brokerage account may be subject to the following charges: i) Brokerage Commissions, ii) Data fees, iii) Stock transfer charges and iv) Value-added services such as charges for real-time price quotes and research tools, interest rates for margin loans and management fees for discretionary accounts.
  • Healy Consultants Fees

    Our fee to assist you open a brokerage account in Hong Kong amounts to US$7,950. This professional fee includes:

    • Contacting our portfolio of Hong Kong banks providing brokerage accounts and providing you with a list for your consideration;
    • Preparing a high-quality business plan detailing your interest for a Hong Kong corporate brokerage account;
    • Healy Consultants completing all account opening forms on your behalf and presenting the same for your signature;
    • Preparing and submitting a quality application to the bank together with i) company corporate documents and ii) account signatories’ due diligence.

Contact us

For additional information on our brokerage account services in Hong Kong, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Simon Guidecoq, directly:
client relationship officer - Simon
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