Corporate fraud investigations in 2024

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Corporate fraud is a significant problem for businesses all around the world, regardless of size. The cost of fraud can be more than the loss of financial assets as it impacts the companies’ future operations and business reputation. Investigating corporation fraud is a growing industry and as police resources are often focused on the large cases, private corporate fraud and forensic accounting specialists are being used to assist firms find and prosecute offenders. Healy Consultants assists Clients to investigate suspected cases of corporate fraud and develop strategies to avoid such issues.

In recent years, incidents of fraud have become more frequent, more complex, and more costly. While difficult to judge an accurate assessment, it is realistic that businesses lose hundreds of billions of dollars each year due to fraud. Fraud is a deliberate and calculated crime that can be perpetrated by someone miles away from the victim or by an insider with intimate knowledge of company operations. The globalisation of trade and the increasing role of technology in business make combating fraud even more challenging.

Types of corporate fraud

Fraud is basically a deceptive act carried out intentionally for personal gain. There are many types of criminal activity that come under the term ‘fraud’. Following are types of fraud that are commonly recognised and associated with business.

  • Bankruptcy fraud – can involve concealment of financial assets;
  • Accounting fraud – involves overstating assets and understating liabilities;
  • Counterfeiting – fake production of currency, documents, goods, etc;
  • Embezzlement – stealing money which an individual/company has been entrusted with;
  • Investment fraud – high profile examples recently of Ponzi schemes and Pyramid schemes;
  • Tax fraud – tax evasion, not fully disclosing revenue;
  • Insurance fraud – making false claims to an insurance company;
  • Securities fraud – commonly involves false or misleading activities to artificially impact stock prices.

Healy Consultants’ team of investigators and research analysts work with legal, financial, and government investigators on complex and sensitive matters. Our firm implements forensic accounting and corporate investigative procedures to assist Clients in dealing with a range of fraudulent activity including:

  • Corporate internal investigations;
  • Embezzlement;
  • Forensic accounting;
  • Kickback schemes;
  • Financial statement fraud/Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

When a company is the victim of fraud, thoroughly understanding how, and by whom, it was victimised is essential in order to recover the loss and/or prevent fraudulent activity from occurring again.

Healy Consultants’ ability to design, manage, and conduct comprehensive investigative solutions, evaluate the results, and produce detailed reports enable Clients to address existing problems and mitigate future risk.

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