Kunal Fabiani | CEO Americas & Africa

I joined Healy Consultants Group PLC in July 2013, initially as Business Development Manager at the Singapore HQ office. Within 6 months I also started project managing Client engagements setting up in multiple countries across Asia and Africa and Latin America. I was promoted to Senior Client Engagements Manager in 2015 and from 2018 I am fortunate to be the CEO for the Americas and Africa.

I was born and brought up in Spain but I am from Indian origin. I have lived briefly in the Netherlands and Dubai before moving to Singapore in 2013. I relocated back to Dubai in 2017 to setup Healy Consultants MEA office.

I possess the commercial flair and business acumen acquired by having managed the family enterprise and my own company before joining Healy Consultants Group PLC.

My business goals
  • Expand the global reach of Healy Consultants Group PLC;
  • Identify new opportunities and services that we can offer our Clients.
My daily work schedule
  • Discuss business setup solutions with global Clients, with a focus on Africa and Latin America;
  • Project manage engagements across the globe;
  • Update our website content;
  • Jointly supervise the Dubai office;
  • Assist and advise our Europe and Asia teams with client engagements and challenges.
The most interesting work I ever didEvent management and coordination of international exchange students.
The most rewarding work I ever did
  • Relocate to Dubai to setup Healy Consultants MEA office and jointly manage daily operations;
  • Fund raising events with WWF, Helping Hands and Lions Club for the disaster struck countries.
PastimesPlay padel-tennis and football, discover new cuisines and travelling to new countries.
Business style
  • Pragmatic and results oriented;
  • Very meticulous at engagement planning. Consequently, I work at a measured and steady pace;
  • Dealing with engagement hurdles and challenges with minimum inconvenience to our Clients.
Languages I speakEnglish, Spanish, Hindi, Sindhi, a little bit of French and currently learning Arabic.
Multi-currency corporate bank accountsI have assisted clients open corporate bank accounts in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa. Just to name a few: Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Latvia, Dubai, Germany, India, Vietnam, South Korea, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Morocco, Zambia, UK, Caribbean.
A sample of my global business experience
  • I completed several turnkey projects in Hong Kong, Singapore and India and sourced for solutions in Tunisia;
  • I have assisted global clients to setup legal entities in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, UAE, Oman, Albania, Bulgaria, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea and Vietnam;
  • My team and I assisted multiple clients find banking institutions for sale in USA, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific;
  • I have conducted research and feasibility studies for complex jurisdictions and regulated business activities. Examples include i) an oil and gas services company in Angola and Morocco ii) paint manufacturing plant in China iii) marine geophysical and geotechnical survey subsidiary in Taiwan iv) payment service provider in Morocco and v) cable connector and cable shield manufacturing in the Philippines.
The most unusual engagement I didOne of our Clients’ Singapore company defaulted in payments to their own customers. To protect Healy Consultants Group PLC from litigation and financial and reputational risk, I worked together with our compliance team and project managed the engagement to successful resolution. As a result our internal compliance and due diligence measures have been improved.

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