Description of a Singapore turnkey company with HSBC UK corporate bank account

    Resident director of Singapore company

  1. With such a turnkey solution, in just two days Healy Consultants can provide our Client i) a company name and number ii) a Singaporean company address iii) a HSBC UK corporate bank account number and iv) a Singapore tax number;
  2. The HSBC UK corporate bank account can be opened in any currency including US$, € thus minimizing forex costs. Click here for more information about HSBC UK business internet-banking;
  3. Funds transfer transaction costs are just US$12 on incoming and US$20 outgoing funds. Click here for complete prices list;
  4. The daily transfer limit is US$100,000 but can be increased by nominating beneficiaries;
  5. After buying the turnkey solution from Healy Consultants, the name of the already approved corporate bank account must to remain that of the existing ready-made company. If our Clients wish to change the shelf company name, the bank will request a new corporate bank account opening application under the new company name. The business activity of the company, however, is allowed to change.
  6. Within two weeks we can change the director and shareholder of the Singapore company. Within three weeks, we can change the existing bank signatory to the HSBC UK corporate bank account;
  7. Healy Consultants will only change the bank signatory after 100% of Client due diligence documentation is received by courier;
  8. Our Client is not allowed to use the bank account till the bank signatory is changed;
  9. To comply with Singapore company law, Mr Aidan Healy will remain as the company resident director;
  10. Unlike with new bank account opening, it is not required to visit UK to add a new bank signatory or replace Aidan Healy;
  11. A Singapore company looks good to customers, suppliers, investors and banks and can be listed on the SGX, ASX or NYSE;
  12. Through its network of 75 double taxation treaties global withholding tax is minimized when extracting funds from international subsidiary companies;
  13. A Singapore company does not suffer an annual audit if the company is structured with individual shareholders;

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