We enjoy what we do and we enjoy working with business men and women from all over the world. Our Clients recognize this, and consequently they enjoy working with us. Below is a selection of some recent emails Healy Consultants has received from Clients:

Mr. Steve Louw, UK General Counsel
JLL Group
Dr. Eckardt Bihler, International Entrepreneur
STP Technologies Pte Ltd
Steve-Louw-Testimonial-Image“Thank you Healy Consultants for successfully project managing our business set up in Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar and Bahrain.”Eckardt Bihler Testimonial Image“Thank you for coordinating our international projects.”
Mr. Eddie Williams, Director
Balanced Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd
Mr. Jim Rakesh, Managing Director
Jim Rox Trading
Eddie Williams Testimonial Image“Thank you for the helpful support regarding Mauritius business set up.”Jim Rakesh Testimonial Image“Healy Consultants, complete professionals, helped me to set up our Singapore branch office.”
Mr. Greg Schuett, Executive Director
Transcend Global
Mr. Bill Reid, Vice President
Normet Asia Pacific
Greg Schuett Testimonial Image“Thank you for excellent support in all business matters since the inception of our firm. We can always rely on you to complete tasks in a professional and timely manner – it is a pleasure to have you on our team.”Bill-ReidTestimonial-Image“Healy Consultants have ably assisted the Normet Group to register a new company and open a bank account in Malaysia within a 6 week period. The service offered has been excellent. From the initial briefing through to completion of incorporation has been fast, efficient and we have been regulated updated on the status of the project as it has proceeded. Thank you to the staff of Healy’s for their able assistance and efficient service.”
Mr. Michael Scholten, Managing Director
Digital Enterprise Solutions Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Mr. David Black, Managing Director
DDBlack Accounting and Tax Advisory Ltda.
Michael-Sholten-Testimonial-Image“Not only did Healy Consultants have expert knowledge of local requirements, they also understood my needs as a foreigner, which is something lacking with the Singaporean consulting firms I spoke to. They drove the process from start to completion. I’m more than satisfied with the service.”David-Black-Testimonial-Image“Healy Consultants did an excellent, professional and efficient job setting up my company in South America. Could not have gone smoother.”
Mr. Gary Webb, Managing Director
Ms. Palosaari, CEO
Viv’s Closet Group
Gary-Webb-Testimonial-Image“Finding the right partner was critical for VESL’s expansion in Asia and working with Healy Consultants has made this possible.”Viv-Palosaari-Testimonial-Image“An amazing team of professionals whose support and guidance in setting up an international online company through Hong Kong was executed with very little effort on my part. Thank you for getting me to the end goal successfully!”
Mr. Mukesh Shah, CEO
Tuflite Group
Mr. Chris Vorwerg, Managing Director
Mukesh-Shah-Testimonial-Image“Thank you for the helpful support re Singapore and Taiwan business set up. Its a pleasure to work with a professional company like you.”Chris-Vorwerg-Testimonial-Image“Healy Consultants accounting and tax support is invaluable.”
Mr. Nikolay Evdokimov, Director
Appintop Exchange Pte. Ltd
Mr. Andy Myers, Financial Director
GM Northern Hemisphere Oncore
Nikolay-Evdokimov-Testimonial-Image“Healy Consultants is the best firm that we have ever worked with. Through our entire business relationship we were satisfied with provided level of quality and services. Healy Consultants have been responsive and detail oriented which has allowed us to stay focused on our business and not getting distracted with small details.”Andy-Myers-Testimonial-Image“Healy Consultants provide thorough guidance and support to Oncore for our Asia-based productions.”
Mr. Jake Jacobs, Director
Knowledge Discovery Technologies Pte Ltd
Mr. Timothy F. Kauffman, CEO
Trivector Services
Jake-Jacobs-Testimonial-Image“Healy Consultants is the best!”Timothy-F-Kauffman-Testimonial-Image“When it was time to establish a Space Academy in Singapore, TriVector needed a knowledgeable firm that could not only help us establish our infrastructure, but could also advise on the local and regional business climate. Healy was that firm, which is why we’ve been satisfied Healy customers for almost five years now.”
Mr. Jean F Laugier, Managing Director
Lean Hub Asia Pte Ltd
Ms. Susan Gunnery, Managing Director
Qudoss Group
Jean-F-Laugier-Testimonial-Image“Thank you for your efficient support in setting up our Singapore Company.”Susan-Gunnery-Testimonial-Image“Healy Consultants were instrumental in the set up of our company. They have continued to provide exceptional support and advice over the years.”
Mr. Setiawan Wicaksono, Director
Spearmint Resources Pte Ltd
Mr. Pedro Collins, Director
African Tire Inc Pte Ltd
Setiawan-Wicaksono-Testimonial-Image“Healy Consultants is an easy way to go global, thank you for setting up overseas companies for us, it was simple and easy!”“We have been dealing with Healy Consultants for the last 3 years and making use of comprehensive services provided by them. We are more than satisfied with the level of services provided by them and also the proactive approach taken by them. Would highly recommend them to all who are looking for anyone offering such services.”
Mr. Zain Hussain, Director
Ziven Clarke International (Asia) Limited
Ms. Catherine Ellis, General Manager
The Shackleton & Selous Society
Zain-Hussain-Testimonial-Image“Healy Consultants were professional and informative throughout the incorporation process. Their constant follow up and delivery before deadline ensured our presence in Asia was established rather swiftly.”Catherine-Ellis-Testimonial-Image“Healy Consultants has provided us with excellent support on the set up of our company in Singapore. They are professional and knowledgeable, and have good turn around times and attention to detail. It has been a pleasure to work with them – in particular our Client Relationship Manager, Loise Jacquette!”
Mr. Raja Chakraborty, Director
Streamlyn Pte. Ltd
Mr. Steven Hauxwell, Managing Director
Natural Resource Professionals Pte Limitd.
Raja-Chakraborty-Testimonial-Image“The one word that defines Healy Consultants is perfect professionalism. If you have Healy to set up your business abroad, you could focus on the operational overhead and let Healy take care of the rest. From Incorporation to Taxation, it’s a one stop solution. Rest assured, you will have the best people in the industry working for you and providing you with the best possible information and suggestions.”Steven-Hauxwell-Testimonial-Image“Incorporating any company is comparable to setting the foundation blocks of your new company building, which you aim to build in the best location available. By choosing Healy Consultants you are laying the perfect foundations.”
Mr. Pramod Dubey, Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary
Accutest Research Laboratories (India) Private Limited
Mr. Terry Skews, CEO
Brittany Offshore Limited
Pramod-Dubey-Testimonial-Image“Healy Consultants, a professionally managed firm with clear understanding and knowledge about what Client expects from them and delivers the same in a professional and timely manner. Kudos to their team.”Terry-Skews-Testimonial-Image“Thank you Healy Consultants, you were instrumental in setting up of my Hong Kong based company, the whole process was completed in a professional and timely manner.”
Mr. Shakeel Alibhai
Fervor Montreal
Mr. Peter Rooks, President
Phoenics Electronics
Shakeel-Alibhai-Testimonial-Image“Thank you Healy Consultants for swiftly project managing my engagement. From the moment I met you in Singapore Healy Consultants attended to my requirements and specific needs. I am more than satisfied with your service. Moreover, your weekly updates allowed me to continue to focus my attention on my global business while trusting you to deliver as promised.”Peter-Rooks-Testimonial-Image“Healy Consultants did an excellent job helping me navigate the legal and accounting rules and regulations to set up a company in Taiwan.”
Mr. Aniket Chaterjee, Senior Manager – Operations and Compliance
Zomato Pvt. Ltd.
Kourosh Sadeghi
Koumeh Pte Ltd
Aniket-Chaterjee-Testimonial-Image“We had taken Healy Consultants assistance in incorporating our entities in some of the complicatated jurisdictions. Their approach right from the beginning has been very systematic, clear and efficient. It has been a pleasure to work with all of them.”Kourosh-Sadeghi-Testimonial-Image“Dear Healy Consultants!
Thank you! You have been very professional from the beginning of our engagement & provided us with a simple solution to our business needs. The retainer fee system helped our Firm to gain confidence in dealing and settling funds with your Firm and that our business goal was going to be achieved successfully.”
Lee Ham (Fann), CEO
BMH International Limited
Dr. Robert Tsai, President & CEO
Pilarquim Corp.
“Healy Consultants beats my expectation in setting up the company and bank account, they are the real professionals.”Robert-Tsai-Testimonial-Image“Healy Consultants have helped Pilarquim expand in South East Asia and enabled us to pursue incessantly to excel through effective networking in the increasingly globalized environment.”
Mr. Irshad Muhseen, CEO
Marine One Pte Ltd
Sheikh Kaisar Alam, Director
Improlabs Pte. Ltd.
m1-marine-services-testimonial-image“Thank you for the helpful support re Singapore business set up.”“Thank you for the helpful support on my Singapore company’s annual accounting and taxation.”
Nguyen Tien Trung (Mr.), Director
Tich Giang International (Hong Kong) Limited.
m1-marine-services-testimonial-image“Tich Giang International Limited would like to thank Healy Consultants Group PLC for its excellent guidance, advise and the turn-key services for incorporating our company in Hong Kong and opening corporate bank accounts in Singapore.

We are impressed by Healy Consultants for their knowledge and deep understanding of the process and due diligence requirement of the jurisdictions. Karen Lee, Director of Client Engagements Department, has efficiently addressed out needs and concerns and worked out the best solutions for our company within a very short timeframe. All paper works were professionally prepared by Healy Consultants while I was travelling. They helped set up appointments with the banks and accompanied to all meetings and followed up until accounts were successfully approved.

We are totally satisfied with the services and would not hesitate to recommend Healy Consultants to any persons or companies for their needs of company incorporation and corporate bank accounts.”

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