Australian and New Zealand residence visas in 2022

Summary of important informationAustralia 457Australia 188New Zealand
Is Client required to establish a local business?Yes, before approvalYes, after visa approvalYes, after visa approval
Estimated total timelines to secure the visa?14 months12 months8 months
Minimum investment required to secure visa?No official thresholdNo official thresholdNZ$100,000
Recommended investment required to secure visaAU$200,000AU$200,000NZ$200,000
Main engagement challenge?Become a sponsor company -
Be a lawful operating business, employ locals, achieve training benchmark
Secure Government or registered investor funding of AU$200,000Provide authorities with supporting documents for realistic business setup project
Visa considerations
Recommended type of visa?457 (temporary work)188 (entrepreneur stream)Entrepreneur work Visa
Visa type?SkilledEntrepreneurEntrepreneur
Initial duration?4 years4 years 3 months12 months
Renewable?YesNoYes (up to 2 years)
Minimum total timelines to secure the visa?12 months9 months3 months
Business setup requirements
Local company formation required after visa approval?Required before visa approvalYesYes
Estimated costs for company incorporation?AU$6,997AU$6,997US$7,640
Local corporate bank account required?YesYesYes
Main visa approval requirements?
Local residential address in country?YesYesYes
Minimum investment?No official thresholdNo official thresholdNZ$100,000
Higher capital investment directly affect visa approval?YesYesYes
Must the amount be paid-up to a local account before visa submission?NoNoNo
Can the amount be withdrawn and sent back to Client’s foreign account post visa approval?NoNoNo
Can the amount be used for expenses of the business?YesYesYes
Is Client required to hire locally for visa eligibility?YesYesYes
Is Client required to go through a health screening test?YesYesYes
Is Client required to get police certificate in all his countries of residency?YesYesYes
Government sponsorship required for visa eligibility?NoYesNo
Is visa eligibility dependent on funds awarded by Government or venture capital fund?NoYes, minimum of AU$200,000No
Is a feasibility study required for visa approval?NoYesYes
Main visa renewal requirements?
Initial visa validity?4 years4 years 3 months1 year
Maximum stay in the country on the visa?4 years4 years 3 months3 years
Company must be incorporated for renewal?YesVisa is non-renewableYes
If company not incorporated will visa be cancelled?YesYesYes

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