Complex Client engagements

Complex Client engagements

If our Clients’ face a business challenge in any country in the world, Healy Consultants will project manage a practical solution. Examples of business challenges faced by our Clients’ include:

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  1. Setting up a new business in an emerging market country in Africa, Middle East, Asia or South America;
  2. Reorganising our Clients’ global Group structure to legally minimise global taxation;
  3. Setting up a hedge fund in the optimum country;
  4. Opening a corporate bank account in a country without registering a local company;
  5. Securing legal tax exemption in every country in the world;
  6. Legally extracting Client funds out of Argentina and Venezuela;
  7. Securing interest of 10% on US$ deposits in G10 countries;
  8. Helping our Singapore Client list of the Australia stock exchange;
  9. Minimising withholding tax in every country in the world;
  10. Legally minimising global tax for Australian and USA citizens;
  11. Opening subsidiaries in Central Asian countries including Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan;
  12. Incorporating wholly foreign owned companies in all Middle East countries;
  13. Securing EU and USA residence visas for Clients’ who are citizens of “”blacklisted countries”.

Blacklisted countries

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