Free zones in Seychelles in 2023

Since 2003, Healy Consultants assists our Clients with starting their company in Seychelles international trade zone (ITC), in order to benefit from numerous tax advantages and easier visa requirements for their foreign workers.

Advantages offered by the Seychelles international trade zone

free trade zones company registration procedures in Seychelles

  • Companies established in the Seychelles ITZ benefit from i) no corporate tax ii) no import duty and GST for capital equipment and raw materials iii) no social security contributions iv) no withholding tax on dividends and interest remitted outside of Seychelles;
  • Seychelles ITZ companies are also exempt from visa requirements for their foreign employees working in the zone;
  • They eventually benefit from subsidized warehousing and office space.

Seychelles ITZ registration requirements

  • The Seychelles international trade zone is operated since 1995 by the Seychelles International Business Authority. Healy Consultants can assist our Clients to apply to the agency to be granted the permit allowing them to operate in the ITZ;
  • While it is possible to sell products and services directly in Seychelles, companies registered with the ITZ must be export oriented and show evidence that at least 80% of their output will be sold abroad;
  • ITZ-registered companies are not necessarily required to have manufacturing operations in Seychelles. They can also be import/export companies, using Seychelles as a trade hub;
  • The application file for Seychelles ITZ registration include: i) an SITZ application form ii) a personal questionnaire form iii) a copy of passport, curriculum vitae and bank reference for the owner(s) of the company iv) a detailed business plan v) cash flow and profit and loss accounts forecasts for the next three years v) audited accounts (if applicable) and vi) company incorporation documents.

Table of comparison between Seychelles free zones

Free zone comparison Seychelles ITZ
FTZs used mostly by which industry? Manufacturing
Average annual warehousing space rent per 1000 sq. m. US$4,000
How long to register the company? 6 weeks
Registration with which government agency? SIBA
How long to open company bank account? 4 weeks
Quality of utilities Excellent
Allowed to sign sales contracts with Seychelles Clients? Yes
Allowed to invoice Seychelles Clients? Yes
Can conduct business outside of FTZ? Yes
Benefits for operations outside of FTZ? No
No tax payable in Seychelles? Yes
Corporate bank account options? Barclays
Physical office space required Yes
Allowed to import raw materials? Yes
Allowed to export goods? Yes
No duties on imports and exports? Yes
VAT exemption on imports? Yes
VAT exemption on products sold in Seychelles? No
Can be wholly foreign owned? Yes
Can the entity hire expatriate staff in Seychelles? Yes
Payroll tax exemption for foreign employees? Yes
Social security contributions exemptions for foreign employees? Yes
Minimum number of directors 1
Minimum number of shareholders 1
Tax registration certificate required Yes
Individual shareholders allowed Yes
Corporate shareholders allowed Yes
Corporate director(s) allowed Yes
LLC company allowed? Yes
Annual financial statements? Yes

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