How we started

Managing Director Healy Consultants

I was 30 years old and could no longer work for an employer. I never was a good employee and felt imprisoned by the role. I needed to be free to make business decisions without supervision; accountable only to me and to my Clients. I was a big-picture business solutions advisor. I just needed Clients!

In December 2003, I built a simple business web site called Healy Consultants Group PLC. I marketed our business set up services through Google pay per click advertising. Google’s share price was US$ 85 in 2004! If only I bought their shares then, instead of buying their ads, ha ha!

From my Singapore rented apartment, I engaged my first Client on 2 February 2004. Bill wanted a Hong Kong company and corporate bank account and he paid me a retainer fee of US$ 2,000 cash. It was the best feeling ever and I was solely responsible for my success or failure. I was home and my ecommerce business was born;

In March 2004 from a Singapore city centre virtual office, an Australian Client engaged me to register a Singapore company. In April, a Dutch Client engaged me to register a Singapore company. And so on.

I made a lot of rookie mistakes during the first few engagements. My Clients’ were unhappy and it deeply affected me. Since then, I relentlessly and continuously re-design the global business set up process; making it as simple and practical and seamless as possible; eliminating errors and maximizing the speed of Client deliverables (click link);

In May 2004, I leased a tiny Singapore city centre office and hired my first employee in the same month. From 2005 to 2008, the global economy was aggressively expanding. It was a great time to grow a small business, I was lucky.

I loved communicating with multi-national business men and women about their international business expansion plans; supplying simple, practical business solutions. I was imaginative and creative and practical and determined.

Since 2004, Healy Consultants Group PLC hired a lot of staff and engaged a lot of multi-national Clients’. I am forever grateful to the Clients’ who engaged me in the early years, including Bill and Chris and Gordon and Jim. They were seasoned businessmen and they knew I was only starting and in-experienced! They took a chance with me and trusted me and supported my business start up!

Today, I feel blessed to be surrounded by quality global Clients’ and hard-working staff and a loving family. I have everything I need.

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