Fees and timelines


Madagascar LLC setup costs in Year 1 will amount to US$3,200. The average fee per engagement amounts to US$8,340 including i) Madagascar company incorporation ii) corporate bank account setup iii) legal registered office and iv) all government registration fees.

 LLCPLCBranch office
Average Engagement costsUS$8,340US$10,440US$11,190
Draft invoiceMadagascar LLC invoiceMadagascar PLC invoiceMadagascar Branch invoice


The average Madagascar company registration period is 8 weeks as outlined below:

 ServiceLLCPLCEPZBranchRep office
1.Engagement planning2 weeks3 weeks3 weeks4 weeks4 weeks
2.Company incorporation period2 weeks3 weeks3 weeks4 weeks4 weeks
3.Bank account approval2 weeks3 weeks3 weeks4 weeks4 weeks
4.Internet banking approval1 week1 week1 week1 week1 week
5.Engagement completion1 week1 week1 week1 week1 week
Total engagement period8 weeks11 weeks11 weeks14 weeks14 weeks

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For additional information on our company registration services in Madagascar, please email us at email@healyconsultants.com. Alternatively please contact our in-house country expert, Ms. Karen Lee, directly:
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