Mozambique work/residence permit in 2024

Following successful incorporation of our Client’s business in Mozambique, and if required, Healy Consultants Group will proceed to apply for the requisite visas on our Client’s behalf. Mozambique offers various visa/permit options for foreign nationals looking to reside in Mozambique for business operation purposes or employment. Some of the visa options include i) business visa ii) residence permit iii) work visa iv) tourism visa v) student visa and iv) transit visa;

  • Business visas

    • This type of visa is suitable for individuals looking to travel to Mozambique for short term business engagements such as attending meetings, seminars, conferences, etc.;
    • A Mozambique business visa can be multi-entry and is usually valid for 30 days and can be extended up to a maximum of 90 days;
    • Individuals looking to obtain a business visa must submit an application at the Mozambique Embassy in their country of domicile;
    • Basic documents required include i) valid passport ii) letter of invitation from contracting company iii) 2 passport photos iv) applicants intended address in Mozambique and v) a return ticket and proof of adequate funds.
  • Residence permit (Autorização de Residência precária)

    • This type of permit is suitable for our Clients looking to establish their businesses and operate their entity in Mozambique for periods above 6 months;
    • An foreign entrepreneur applying for this permit must i) invest a minimum capital of US$500,000 and ii) obtain an employment contract authorized by the relevant Mozambique Ministry of Labour and iii) secure a work permit;
    • This visa option grants residency in Mozambique for 1 year and the entrepreneur can apply for yearly renewals thereafter;
    • Dependents of a foreign national who holds a valid work permit will automatically be granted entry visas and residence permits unless they are traveling to Mozambique for work purposes;
    • Main documents required include i) local company documents and operating license (Alvara) ii) employment contract and work permit iii) proof of last tax payment iv) police report (criminal record) from country of residence.
  • Work visa/permit

    • This visa is suitable for our Clients looking to deploy workers to Mozambique for short term projects;
    • The work visa/permit is granted for a minimum 30 days and extendable to 60 days maximum. If you require to stay in Mozambique longer then you will be required to apply for a residence permit;
    • A work visa application can be prepared and submitted for approval at the Mozambique embassy in the applicant’s country of domicile;
    • Required documents include i) valid passport ii) employment contract authorized by the Mozambique Ministry of Labour iii) criminal record certificate iv) company invitation letter and v) certificate of equivalence (of the qualifications obtained abroad) issued by the Mozambique Ministry of Education.
  • Tourist visas

    • Citizens from countries on this list do not require a visa to enter Mozambique. Any visas for short term visits or business stays can be secured on arrival at ports of entry in Mozambique;
    • Individuals from countries requiring visitor visa must first contact their local Mozambique embassy to apply for a visit/tourist visa to Mozambique prior to traveling;
    • Certain documents that may be required include i) a copy of the flight itinerary ii) confirmed of intended place of stay (hotel booking etc.) and iii) in certain cases a letter of the inviting part in Mozambique.
  • Other employment and residency considerations

    • Certain quotas are applicable on the total number of employees for local companies looking to hire expatriates and depend on the company classification such as i) up to 5% for large companies ii) 8% for medium sized companies and iii) 10% for small-sized companies;
    • Companies willing to apply for an investment project approval from the Ministry of Planning and Development through the Investment Promotion Centre do not have any limitation of number of expatriates allowed according to the size of company;
    • According to the Mozambique Labour Law, a Mozambican company can still hire expatriates even after having exhausted the allowed quota provided the company obtains a work permit issued by the Ministry of Labour authorizing the expatriate to work in Mozambique. In such cases the company must prove that there is no Mozambican qualified for the job.

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