6 steps to incorporating an offshore company in 2024

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While the requirements and procedures for an offshore company incorporation can vary between different jurisdictions, the complete steps to open an offshore company typically evolve as follows:

Pre-incorporation planning

  1. Consultation: Before incorporating offshore for our Client’s company, our Client i) signs and email-returns our engagement letter; ii) makes payment for Healy Consultants Group’s fees; and iii) provides all the required due diligence documents;
  2. Primary considerations: Our team and the Client agree on the following: i) proposed company name and structure; ii) preferred offshore jurisdiction (in order of preference for the desired objectives); and iii) corporate banking and cash flow;
  3. Other considerations: Healy Consultants Group and the Client discuss and agree on: i) nominee director or shareholder services; ii) license requirements (if any); iii) business address registration; and iv) locating an office premise.

Incorporation procedure

  1. Company incorporation: Healy Consultants Group submits all the documents to the Business Registration Department of the chosen jurisdiction to initiate the company incorporation process; Upon successful incorporation, our team will receive the Certificate of Incorporation and immediately email a scan copy to our Client;
  2. Corporate bank account: Thereafter, we will assist our Client submit all the necessary documents to the preferred international banks. Depending on the banks and the jurisdiction, our Clients business activity and the corporate structure the lead time for approval and completion of bank account opening will vary. Usually this process can take up to 4 weeks;

Post-incorporation procedure

  1. Upon approval of corporate bank account number and receiving the internet banking token, usernames and password, Healy Consultants Group couriers a full company kit to our Client, including i) original corporate documents; ii) unopened bank correspondence; and iii) a feedback survey to assess the quality of our service. The Client offshore engagement is now complete


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