Togo client case studies in 2024

USA Environmental and Ordnance Activities services provider establishes a branch in Togo


  • Our client, an environmental and ordinance activities services provider based in the US wished to establish a branch office in Togo to provide contingency support operations and development for USA military base in the country;
  • Our Client is a repeat customer that Healy Consultants Group had initially assisted in setting up an entity in South Africa for the same purposes;
  • After a call discussion with our Client’s representative, we settled on a branch office establishment because the client intended to operate in the country for a limited period;
  • Our Client then signed the formal engagement letter and email-returned a scan copy;

Engagement planning

  • Our Client then proceeded to settle the first instalment of our Togo branch office setup fee with Healy Consultants Group to commence the engagement;
  • Because the Client was only establishing the entity to bid for a project in Togo, they did now wish to open a local corporate bank account;
  • Our Client provided Healy Consultants Group with scan copies of all the due diligence documents as per our Firm’s KYC process requirements;
  • Healy Consultants Group then prepared a detailed project plan for the step by step process of branch registration and a draft business plan for the new entity;
  • Healy Consultants Group also prepared the draft corporate structure for the branch office indicating the proposed officers of the branch and emailed the same to our Client for confirmation;
  • Our Client confirmed the structure and also confirmed they will not require our assistance to open a local corporate bank account;
  • Healy Consultants Group prepared and email our Client a board resolution and Power of Attorney (POA) and sent for our Client’s signature and scan email return;

Branch registration

  • Upon receipt of the POA and Board Resolution, the incorporation team prepared all the branch registration documents and submitted the same for notarization by the Togo Public Notary;
  • Healy Consultants Group also proceeded to translate to French all the parent company documents and notarized the same with the Public Notary;
  • Healy Consultants Group thereafter submitted an application to the Ministry of Security and Civil Protection and secured a certificate of residence for the appointed foreign branch manager of our Client’s entity;
  • Thereafter, Healy Consultants Group submitted a quality application to the Center for Business Formalities (CFE) to advance branch registration process;
  • Within 2 weeks of application submission, Healy Consultants Group obtained the i) branch registration certificate and ii) the branch manager operator card and iii) extract from the Trade and Credit Register and emailed scan copies to our Client;

Engagement completion

  • To comply with the Togo Government legal requirements, Healy Consultants Group emailed our Client a sample Togo branch sales invoice for their convenience;
  • Healy Consultants Group Togo affiliate office keeps in their possession the original branch registration certificates and operator card; our Client to decide when they wish to open a bank account and commence operations.

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