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Philippines employment visas

Healy Consultants will be pleased to assist our Clients willing to relocate to the Philippines to manage their business and/or to hire foreign workers with their local company. The first step to do so is to secure an employment permit with the Philippines Immigration Bureau. Our services include the preparation and filing of a quality immigration application, which will optimize the probability of timely approval of the work permit.
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Traveling to the Philippines

  • The Philippines Government grants a visa waiver for most nationalities willing to travel to the Philippines for tourism or non-remunerated business. Provided they have a i) return ticket and a ii) passport valid for a period of at least six (6) months beyond the stay in the Philippines. Nationals of the countries listed on the Philippines’ consulate page can enter the Philippines and obtain a visa waiver for a duration of up to 30 days, renewable for additional 29 days;
  • Other nationals are required to secure a tourist or business visa before traveling to the Philippines. This can be done by submitting an application at the nearest Philippines Embassy. The visas are usually processed within two weeks.

Working in the Philippines

  1. Employment visas are available for foreigners who are seeking to engage in lawful occupations in the Philippines. Foreigners may enter the Philippines under temporary visitor visas and file for a Pre-Arranged Employee Visa;
    • The applicant and the sponsoring employer will have to submit multiple documents including i) an employment contract ii) a description of the position on offer iii) evidence that the employer searched unsuccessfully for local candidates and iv) degrees and licenses held by the foreigner. The future employee may also be required to attend a hearing (interview) before the visa can be issued;
    • The visa is valid for a period of 3 years and it can be renewed.
  2. Branches of offshore banks that wish to employ foreign workers must submit a i) passport of the employee ii) document certifying that the employee is an employee of the bank and will work exclusively at the Bank’s branch iii) corporate documents. More information on this type of visa can be found in the Bureau of Immigration website;
  3. Clients from America, Japan and Germany that hold supervisory or executive positions can apply for a Treaty Trader’s visa. The applying company most prove that i) the majority of its shareholders have the same nationality as the applicant (USA, Germany or Japan), that ii) it will carry out substantial trade between the Philippines and its country of origin and iii) that it will invest at least US$120,000;
  4. Residence permits are granted to foreigners that invest at least US$78,000 into the Philippines. A 6-month probation period is granted to allow the applicant to make the investment, and once the documents that prove that the investment has been made are submitted, then the visa is granted;
  5. Foreigners creating at least ten jobs in the Philippines are eligible for a residence permit. A list of the documents required to submit an investor visa application in the Philippines available on the BI FORM V-NI-026 checklist page;
  6. Only 50 applicants are approved annually for other categories of aliens whose countries accept Filipinos as immigrants on a reciprocal basis. The Philippine Consulate General receives the completed immigrant visa application with enclosures indicated below and, in turn, is forwarded through the Department of Foreign Affairs(DFA) for appropriate action by the concerned agencies in the Philippines. When authority from the DFA for the issuance of the visa allotting quota number is received, a personal interview with a consular officer will follow prior to the actual issuance of the immigrant visa.

Philippines nominee resident directors and shareholders

Multi-national companies willing to form a subsidiary in the Philippines need to appoint at least three Philippine resident directors, whom must also hold one company share each. Fortunately, Healy Consultants can supply whenever needed our Clients with professional, passive nominee shareholder and resident director services. The business owners can this way maintain control over the Board of their Philippines subsidiary.

Professional, passive nominee shareholder and director services

Appoint Aidan Healy as nominee shareholder or director of newly incorporated Filipino company

  1. In accordance with Sections 14.6 and 23 of the Philippines Corporation Code, all companies registered in the Philippines i) must be formed with at least 5 individual directors and 5 shareholders; ii) each appointed director must hold at least one share and iii) a majority of the directors and shareholders are required be resident in the Philippines;
  2. When our Clients have difficulties finding a trustworthy resident director in the Philippines also willing to act as minority shareholder, Healy Consultants offers passive quality professional nominees. Our fee is i) US$3,420 per nominee director appointed in a company registered by Healy Consultants or ii) US$5,550 per nominee if the company is not registered by us. Each nominee i) will hold no more than one share of the company and ii) will not be bank signatory for the corporate bank account of the company;
  3. Before each appointment, Healy Consultants will supply our Clients with i) detailed due diligence information about each nominee and ii) a nominee service agreement;
  4. Having a quality nominee director increases i) the probability of timely corporate bank account approval ii) employee visa approvals and iii) approval for Filipino Government licenses.

Who is considered resident in the Philippines?

Philippines law recognizes local nationals, foreigners holding a valid Philippines work permit or permanent resident expatriates.

What are the alternatives?

If our Client is uncomfortable using Healy Consultants nominee services on a permanent basis, the two following solutions can be actioned:

  • Sponsoring foreign directors for work permits – After our Client’s Philippines company is fully registered, Healy Consultants will be happy to apply for 3 employment permits that will enable our Client’s preferred foreign staff member to be appointed as resident directors. Our fee to secure each Philippines employment visa is US$3,950 for the first employee, US$2,950 for the second employee, US$1,950 for the third employee and US$950 per employee thereafter;
  • Appointing local Filipino staff as directors – Some of our Clients engage Healy Consultants to recruit local employees. We have a lot of experience in this area and we are quite skilled at securing quality candidates for our Clients.

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