UAE employment visas

UAE employment visas

Apply for business visas in UAEForeign professionals who wish to live and work in the United Arab Emirates must apply for a residency visa and a work permit (labor card). A residency visa can be obtained after fulfilling any one of the following conditions: i) UAE business registration ii) investment in a UAE resident company iii) purchasing UAE real estate or iv) employment in a UAE company.

Entrepreneur visa

  • Foreign entrepreneurs may apply for an investor visa and a residence visa. This visa will be issued for 3 years;
  • An investor visa requires sponsorship from an Emirati national resident in the UAE;
  • Investor visa for real estate can be secured by purchasing UAE real estate for a minimum of EAD 1 million;
  • Entrepreneurs with approved visas can apply for residence visas for their family members;
  • Entrepreneur visa does not automatically grant work permission. This permission needs to be obtained separately via Labor Card;
  • When residence visas expire they do not become automatically cancelled, but simply invalid. Residence visas can expire if the individual lived outside of UAE for more than 180 days;
 US$Payable to
Residence visa charges231Department of Immigration
Bank guarantee2,800Department of Immigration
Healy Consultants' fees3,950Healy Consultants
Total fees6,981

Employment visa

  • Foreign workers will apply for a labor card and a residence visa. This visa will issued for a period of 3 years;
  • Documents presented will include i) an employer sponsorship letter ii) an employment contract iii) copies of the applicant’s professional/academic credentials and iv) a medical certificate;
  • Employees with approved visas can apply for residence visa for their family members if their salary at least 3,000 AED per month with accommodation paid by a sponsor, or more than AED4,000;
  • Here’s a summary of the costs involved in getting a UAE residence visa:
 US$Payable to
Residence visa charges300Department of Immigration
Bank guarantee817Department of Immigration
Labor card charges400Ministry of Labor
Healy Consultants' fees3,950Healy Consultants
Total fees5,467

Visit visa

  • Two visit visa are available – short term visit (30 days) and long term visit (90 days). These visit visas cannot be renewed;
  • The short term visit visa is valid for 58 days, but grants only 30 days stay in UAE;
  • Nationals of certain countries can obtain a 30-day visa on arrival into the UAE. This visa can be renewed for another 30 days;
  • Documents presented will include i) Passport copy ii) clear photograph iii) proof of residence and iv) proof of funds for high risk countries;
  • A multiple visit visa can also be issued for entrepreneurs to arrive in UAE for business purposes. This visa permits a visit of 14 days for 6 months from the date of issue;
  • Summary of costs involved:
 US$Payable to
Short-term visa charges169Department of Immigration
Long-term visit visa305Department of Immigration
Multiple visit visa578Department of Immigration
Bank guarantee273Department of Immigration
Healy Consultants' fees3,950Healy Consultants

Premium relocation destination

UAE is a booming wealthy expat destination due to several important reasons, including:

  • Except during summer, the UAE weather is great for 9 months per year;
  • British and American nationals will enjoy cheaper living conditions in comparison to their top cities;
  • Investment programs are relatively cheaper with real estate visa schemes requiring only EAD1 million of investment in comparison to €500,000 for Monaco;
  • There is no taxation on personal income in Dubai;
  • Easy access to posh venues and multiple international expos;
  • High quality education and infrastructure.

To view a detailed comparison table of premium jurisdictions for relocation, visit this webpage.

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