UAE merchant account

UAE merchant account

Setup merchant account in UAEHealy Consultants assists Clients to open a UAE merchant account to support their retail operations and online sales services. We specialise in a high-volume UAE merchant account which is tailored to your specific business needs, and for which we have an excellent approval ratio.

UAE merchant account services overview

  1. It usually enables you to accept a range of credit cards from your customers, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express;
  2. It is ideal for Clients involved in activities considered ‘high risk’, such as online gaming, pharmacies, and telemarketing;
  3. It enables you to keep a better track of your financial transactions by providing regular statements;
  4. Online payment is convenient and secure for your customers;
  5. Payments are accepted in major world currencies and can be processed in 150 countries;
  6. As well as the standard online payment gateway, it may also include no limits on processing volumes/amounts and the ability to accept multiple currencies and 24-hour support;
  7. Credit card payments are processed and deposited into a secure, private, yet accessible offshore bank account;
  8. Our solution can be easily integrated into your business website, and is compatible with most shopping cart technologies using a state-of-the-art payment gateway;
  9. It provides legitimate tax benefits. It is a legitimate method of conducting business and maintaining profits offshore;
  10. Healy Consultants works with leading UAE merchant account providers to offer full global support.

Healy Consultants’ fees to set up a UAE merchant account

For a total of US$3,450, Healy Consultants will handle your application from start to finish, with no additional costs. The time from initial application to having the UAE merchant account operating is approximately three weeks.

Draft fee invoice for UAE merchant account:

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