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  1. The Bogotá Free Trade Zone or Zona Franca Bogota is one of the 9 free zones in Colombia and it is i) the most centrally located free zone, still within the city boundaries ii) a total area of 96 hectares (or 237 acres) and iii) 1.5 km from the El Dorado International Airport;
  2. Bogota Free Trade Zone offers tax and customs benefits such as i) 20% corporate tax for industrial users of goods and services ii) 0% Social Equity Tax iii) 0% VAT and Duties over imported goods iv) 0% Vat on national goods and v) no customs on the import of the capital assets, machinery, inputs and spare parts;
  3. Our Client can start business in the Colombian free zone within 2 months by i) incorporating a limited liability company, ii) opening a bank account iii) submitting a registration application to the Free Zone Authority and iv) renting office/warehouse premises in the free zone;
  4. Bogota Free Trade Zone welcomes business activities related to industrial and services such as i) automotive, ii) manufacturing, iii) apparel, iv) cosmetic and pharmaceutical, v) building materials, vi) storage and logistics and vii) outsourcing services: BPO, ITO, KPO, SCC;
  5. If our Client and Healy Consultants properly plan this engagement, our Clients will not have to travel to complete the project. Healy Consultants will efficiently, effectively and aggressively complete Colombia free zone company incorporation, Bogota free zone registration and corporate bank account opening in a timely manner without our Client’s presence. Instead, our Client will need to i) sign the necessary documents and have these legalized in the embassy in their country of origin and ii) courier the originals to our office;
  6. Find below further information regarding Bogota FTZ:
    Free zone comparison Bogota FTZ
    FTZs used mostly by which industry? Please see point 4 above
    Average monthly warehousing space rent per 1000 sqm US$3,000
    How long to set the company up? 4 weeks
    Registration with which government agency? The Chamber of Commerce
    How long to open a corporate bank account 4 weeks
    Quality of utilities Excellent
    Allowed to sign sales contracts with Colombian Clients? Yes
    Allowed to invoice Colombian Clients? Yes
    Benefits for operations outside of FTZs? No
    Corporate tax payable in Colombia? 20%
    Corporate bank account option BBVA
    Physical office space required Yes
    Allowed to import raw materials? Yes
    Allowed to export goods? Yes
    No duties on imports and exports? Yes
    VAT exemption on imports? Yes
    VAT exemption on products sold in Colombia? No
    Can be wholly foreign owned Yes
    Can the entity hire expatriate staff in Colombia Yes
    Annual financial statements? Yes
    Total Bogota business setup costs in Yr. 1 US$16,740
    Subsequent annual costs (incl. accounting and tax fee) US$4,700
    Sample engagement invoice View invoice PDF

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