Costa Rica offshore company in 2024

A Costa Rica offshore company is an ideal business vehicle for various businesses including global trading and online gaming entities. Healy Consultants Group has both the expertise and necessary know-how to assist its clients with their Costa Rican offshore venture.


  1. Favourable tax environment
    • A properly structured Costa Rica offshore company is not subject to taxation within Costa Rica as long as it does not issue any invoices within the country. Consequently, all income sourced outside of Costa Rica are not subject to corporate taxes within the country;
  2. Quick setup process
    • Due to its straightforward business laws, an offshore business setup in Costa Rica is easy to incorporate given the entrepreneur has the necessary know-how of the same.
      Healy Consultants Group can assist its clients to complete the offshore company registration process in Costa Rica within just 14 business days;
  3. Trade agreements with major economies
    • Costa Rica has free trade agreements with major economies which are of commercial importance for businesses including the USA, Canada, Singapore, China, Mexico and Chile. Furthermore, all Costa Rican offshore companies are entitled to benefit from these trade agreements.

Best uses

  1. Asset protection
    • A Costa Rica offshore company is a desirable option to make tax-efficient investments for a group of beneficiaries. This is because Costa Rica provides both anonymity and privacy protection to the beneficial owners and shareholders of offshore entities thereby allowing them to maintain their non-disclosure statuses and in-turn protecting the assets of their associated offshore entity;
  2. Global trading / holding company
    • These business structures can benefit from the low costs associated with a Costa Rican offshore entity whilst conducting the core activity of buying and managing shares of its parent entity;
  3. E- gaming company/ gambling license
    • With well-defined and regulated online gaming laws and protocols, Costa Rica serves to be an ideal and politically stable jurisdiction for procuring e-gaming licenses for foreign businesses. All e-gaming corporations should preferably have their corporate bank accounts outside of Costa Rica.

Minimal requirements for incorporation

  1. An offshore company in Costa Rica can be incorporated with a minimum of 3 directors and 2 shareholders;
  2. The minimum capital requirement is US$20, and our Clients are not required to personally travel to Costa Rica to complete the engagement;
  3. Healy Consultants Group legally structures the Costa Rica offshore company supported with i) a local business address and a local agent and ii) an international multicurrency corporate bank account in reputable jurisdictions of USA, Latin America or Europe.

General disadvantages of having an offshore company

  1. Although entrepreneurs generally enjoy from their anonymity and privacy protection, the same can be a hindrance when bank authorities require a disclosure whilst corporate bank account opening;
  2. Due to the tax neutral nature of Costa Rica, most banking institutions will perceive the application from a Costa Rican offshore company negatively;
  3. Further, global banking institutions tend to conduct more extensive due diligence procedures before onboarding an offshore company.


Our average engagement fees for a Costa Rica offshore company setup is US$12,335, including i) offshore Costa Rica company formation; ii) Costa Rica local agent and legal registered office services; and iii) opening an international corporate bank account.
Please refer to the invoice below for further information.
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