Eritrea work visas

Eritrea work visa applicationHealy Consultants will assist our Clients with employment or tourist visa applications in Eritrea. Visa applications can be submitted through the various Eritrean embassies abroad, or through the Eritrean Immigration Department in Asmara. Obtaining a visa approval in Asmara can be complicated due to the bureaucracy, red-tape, and confusion as to the requirements for obtaining various visas. Healy Consultants will assist our Clients through the entire application process. Our fee for this service is US$5,950. The applicable visas in Eritrea include;

Business/Employment visa

  • Our Clients looking to migrate to Eritrea for business or for employment purposes must obtain this visa. The Client’s newly registered company or the employing company must submit a visa application to the Eritrean Immigration Department in Asmara;
  • The documents required for this application include i) a valid passport (with at least six months’ validity) ii) a completed and signed visa application form iii) one passport-size photograph iv) a letter of invitation from the Eritrean company and v) and copy of itinerary showing date of arrival.

Tourist/Visit visa

  • Foreign nationals looking to travel to Eritrea for tourism or visit purposes must obtain a tourist/visit visa prior to their travel. Application submission can be done at the offices of the Eritrean embassy/consulate in your country of origin. The application must also be further processed by the immigration department in Asmara;
  • The documents required for application include i) copy of valid passport ii) completed and signed visa application form and iii) the applicant must attend an interview at their local Eritrean consulate. If approved, the applicant must bring with them i) the original passport ii) receipt of fees payment iii) a passport-size photograph and iv) a travel itinerary.

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